Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rafael Castillo- Week #29

Satanic Opposition....

Hey Everybody!

First of all, there are a whole bunch of videos on that memory card; try using Lacey's camera or something, because the videos are the best part. Second, in regards to pictures...no I am not going to take pictures of the grocery store I shop at and the laundromat...Mom...that would be like going to Powell and taking a picture of Blair's...there is no point...it is a laundromat and nothing more, but I guess you are right, I don't really take pictures of the area, but I never want to carry my camera around, because it would be just my luck that it gets stolen the one day I decide to carry it with me. Plus the handbook says that we should never look like tourists, so I don't want to just be walking around snapping pictures of random houses and people. I do that part in my hair, because it was a rule of the old mission president, and so all the elders who were here with the old president get all hyper if you don't have a part in your hair. The mission manual just says groomed neatly or something like that. President Benton never really has come out with a stance on it. I was wondering too if Kyle had a direct address to his mission home or something, because all I have is his pouch address, and it seems stupid to send a letter to the US just to send it to the Philippines. Brett and I have been writing back and forth, but I wanted to send Kyle letters too. Also, I was wondering if you could send me a picture of me and Sant and Rory from my graduation in our robes to put in my photo album, with high school musical 3 out all the people here are asking me if I wore robes like theirs, because I guess they don't do that here. Also I have a favor to ask, we are working with Roxana and Daniel, and I was going to ask Mom and Dad to write me their testimonies of how the gospel has strengthened their marriage and also their family as a whole, because we are trying to work that angle right now with them. Obviously I need it in Spanish, so Dad can write it. Ciris is doing so well, he is about to get his patriarchal blessing, and he is always doing stuff with the young adults and stuff. I totally thought of something I wanted you to send me this week, but I forgot to write it down.

So let’s just say that the subject of the email is Satanic Opposition for a reason. We are fighting to stay afloat with Roxana and Daniel. Let's just say there was a little snag with something I like to call The Word of Wisdom. Daniel completely rejected it haha and actually we haven't been able to talk to him since then. Roxana smokes, but only like 1 every other day, so she is on the brink of quitting. She started crying in our last lesson because she thought we were going to stop going by because she smokes, and said, "Even if you don't come by anymore, I am coming to church on Sundays and you can't stop me" haha whoa calm down...we want you in church. The twins are still going pretty strong, but now they are going on vacation and we don't know what is going to happen. Roxana has to be clean from smoking for at least two weeks before she will be able to be baptized, so she basically has until this Saturday to quit or the date will have to be moved back to when I will already be gone. They are golden though, they are progressing a lot, well Daniel not so much anymore. He doesn't want to give up his weekends with his friends. We are trying to get him to realize that family is more important, but it is just going to be a process. We are going over again tomorrow for lunch and they are going to teach me how to cook something, I don't know what, but it sounds like fun.

Castillo 2 had 4 baptisms on Saturday, a family, and President Benton showed up for the service, without notice, so we were all nervous. We totally brought Roxana and the twins to the baptism and they LOVED it, and President came up to me after, gave me a hug, and said, "You are doing great, Elder, you are getting it done." I have seen a lot of Elders not capitalize on the opportunity of bringing investigators to a baptismal service, so I wanted to make sure ours were there. That is a reference to the interview I had with him last Thursday. He was really putting some pressure on me, but at the same time building me up so much. He said that I have only been here a short time in the mission, but "great things are happening". He said that he considers me the leader in Castillo 1, even though I am comp menor, because Elder González is great and works hard but is really passive, and for that reason, he considers me the leader. He said I was one of the sharpest and most intelligent in the mission pshh haha, he said I sound intelligent in my letters, and that he reads some letters that sound like people are still trying to learn English (and it isn't the Latin elders), so that was nice to hear, but now I feel a bunch of pressure to get things done. He told me in the interview that "the best always find a way to get it done." Then at the baptism he said I was getting it done, so I felt pretty good, but I don't want to look like an idiot and not get it done in the end so I am redoubling my efforts. I am almost sure Elder Fox will move up to zone leader next transfer. That is weird I knew him when he had 6 months, and today he turned 11, and is about to join the big leagues.

Well, I ran out of time again. Haha my comp, just a few things, he is afraid of the dark, he told me about all the times he has encountered evil spirits, and they have tried to possess him...? don’t ask...and he loves making origami...in all his spare time he is making origami...basically it seems to me that he was pretty sheltered growing up, also he comes from a pretty wealthy family I think...he is good though. I love you all, and still am behind on letters, but maybe in a few months they will start trickling into the country. Love you,

Elder Gilmore(el divino)

that divino thing is a reference to Brett’s email because in John was also referenced as the divine, not just the beloved...fun fact...

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