Thursday, January 15, 2009

Celebrating Christmas

Here is the stocking we mailed to Sean for Christmas

Here are some of the presents we put in his stocking and a few sent by Grandma Sherry

Here is a picture of the Christmas Tree we included in his care package. I don't think those presents stayed under the tree until Christmas.

Sean displaying his bounty

We sent a CTR (HLJ in Spanish) ring too. We were afraid this item might be missing once it arrived to Sean, but everything got there in one piece.

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Karen Jensen - Stacey's Mom said...

Dear Gilmores,
Your blog looks great and I was very impressed with the Thanksgiving Feast you lovingly and creatively sent, mystery meat and all--well done!

I was also suprised and happy to see Stacey in the background of the sunglasses photo... once I magnified it of course! She is off to the side of the Hermana in green and looking down...but it was still fun to see her there! Thanks again for posting the skit video!
Happy Blogging,
Karen Jensen