Thursday, January 15, 2009

More pictures

Here is a picture of all the missionaries of Buenos Aires West at their Christmas party last month. Sean is three rows back, second from the left looking at the guy next to him that is wearing a black suit. I know, it's hard to see.

Sean and his first companion in Argentina, Elder Torres from Paraguay.

Sean and his second companion, Elder Shields from Utah. They are holding up the mission's banner that reads: Welcome to the Buenos Aires West Mission: The best mission in the whole world.

Sean in his apartment in Rafael Castillo with the other Elders that live with him.

L to R: Elder Shields, Elder Marchello, Elder Gilmore, Elder Fox

Sean with Elder Sabey at the mission's Christmas party. Elder Sabey was in the same dorm hall as Sean last year at BYU and they were in the same BYU ward. They entered the MTC the same day. Another interesting fact, Drake Ranquist, who also is in Argentina BAW Mission, was also in Sean's dorm hall and BYU Ward but went into the MTC 6 weeks after Sean and Elder Sabey. That's pretty cool and interesting to me that three from the same Freshman Ward at BYU were called to the same mission.


brent said...

Good to see Elder Gilmore is a Boca Juniors fan. This is as it should be!

-from a fellow bostero

Deborah said...

I don't know that much about football.. but I'm planning an Argentina travel, and I wanted to ask you or someone who can recommend me wich fotball match should I go? wich teams are the best or most popular there?