Monday, September 28, 2009

This weeks photos

Baptism of Margarita, Ramos Mejia, Argentina

Photo taken when General Authority, Elder Zivic, made a visit to the mission. Sean is in the top row, 5th from the right.

Ramos Mejia- Week #66

Pre-Conference Warm-Up


Well, we had another great week here in Ramos Mejía. Any week that you have a baptism is great of course. Margarita really was prepared to receive the gospel. Her baptism went really well…sort of. There were only 10 people there, including us and Hermana Benton. It was a bit of a shame, considering that this ward has had an attendance of 144 within the last month. Our bishop said that there was a service activity that morning, and that is probably why no one came. Oh yeah, haha, I forgot about that commandment where you can only go to one church activity a day. My bad. How silly of me. But in any case, she was baptized and confirmed on Sunday, and loved it. Also, news flash, she is the first convert I have had to say my last name right in a prayer on the first try, and for that has moved up a few notches on my favorite people list. It has been funny here on a mission, how many people just can’t say my name. Gilmore…so easy…Heel-mor-eh? Close. Seems like it wouldn’t be too hard, but then again when I think about it, I never realized how much we butcher Hispanic people’s last names in the States without even thinking twice, because we say it with our English accents. San Luis Obispo, California ahahahah…we aren’t even close.

I've been so blessed here in Ramos Mejía. Last year in October, Elder Richard G. Scott gave a challenge to all the missions to duplicate their baptisms before September. Well, the last weekend in September just happened, and I am happy to say that Ramos Mejía duplicated baptisms from last year. This ward always gets a bad reputation of not baptizing, because of us being office elders, Last year they only had 7 baptisms, but Margarita yesterday was 14 for this year. Yesterday our bishop was all smiles after PEC when we congratulated the ward on duplicating baptisms this year and completing with Elder Scott's challenge. This ward helps us so much. It is the BEST ward in the mission, a perfect example of how members should work with the missionaries. Every single one of the baptisms this year has been a referral from a member. So, we the missionaries didn't really do much. The members duplicated baptisms by presenting their friends to us. Elder Sabey and I have been blessed to be the lucky ones here to see all the fruits of their work, participating in eight of the fourteen baptisms the ward has had this year as a companionship, and only in the past 4 months. GO MEMBERS!

Speaking of our companionship, President told us yesterday that…yes…we will be eternal companions. 4 transfers together, or in other words, 6 months. Most missionaries don’t make it 6 months in one area, let alone with one companion, but I will admit that I probably wouldn’t be able to do it with anyone else. So, we will both be here for Elder Bednar’s visit on November 19th. We also found out that Elder Snow from the Presidency of the Seventy will be accompanying Elder Bednar. The bad news is that this means our beloved Elder Varela will be leaving us, and that isn’t good for me because he cuts my hair. At first it wasn’t very good, but I have been impressed at how well he does it now. So I will have to break in somebody else, or maybe just go to a real barber before Elder Bednar gets here.

Speaking of Apostles and missionary haircuts, Conference is almost here! I am excited to hear what the Brethren and other Authorities have to say. Everyone is making their last push to try and convince President to let us watch it in English. The rule is that if you have more than a year you watch in Spanish…so this is the first time the rule has affected me. I wasn’t going to try and sway President’s decision, but then realized that I, too, am interested in watching it in my native language. It probably isn’t that big of a deal. I will say, however, that I have had the opportunity to watch it in both English and Spanish, and there is no comparison. In my experience, the spirit was stronger, the revelation flowed more easily, and the notes were more copious when I watched in English. I am not sure I wrote down one sentence in the Spanish sessions I watched, not because I wasn't listening, but because if I took time to start writing, I missed everything they were saying while I was jotting it down. Maybe that just means I am a bad note taker in a foreign language, but I just think it is interesting that when watching in Spanish, you have to concentrate on the Spanish language, and the more important language of the Spirit takes a back seat. In English, we can fully concentrate on what the Spirit is saying, thus hearing what the Lord would have us hear. I don’t think that Conference is the most appropriate time to try to do language study. Regardless, though, I am excited and will willingly obey whatever the rule happens to be this weekend. My Purification fast is coming to an end, and my questions are formed for Conference. I will be doing at least one fast this week to get ready, and know that my prayers will be answered.

That is cool mom that you challenged your class to do the Purification fast as well. Always leave a commitment, or else the investigator won’t progress. Not that your Relief Society sisters are investigators…but you know what I am trying to say. Other than that, I am not sure much else happened this week. Except for the fact that Elder Woodmansee made homemade root beer yesterday and we had root beer floats...which just about made my life. So, have a great week. Enjoy conference!

Elder Sean

P.S. GO MOM AND DAD! You are going to be lean machines when I get home.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Got to love more pictures

For Sister Benton's (Mission President's wife) birthday the office elders gave her a heart attack. In that I mean, they put up lots of hearts all over her wall in the mission home. They also wrote little messages on some of them.

Elders Sabey, Gilmore, Maxwell, Varela, Fox and Woodmansee

Baptism of Elvira and Gabriel in Ramos Mejia, Argentina

Ramos Mejia- Week #65

Shaping the future

Hey Everyone,

It has been a pretty good week this week, with a lot of great experiences. Happy 21st Birthday to Brett and Kyle! I also got Grandma Wilma’s letter this week, and enjoyed it a lot, especially the fact that it had her shopping list on the back crossed out. Ha, she said she didn’t realize when she started writing the letter. Anyway, I will start by answering your questions from last week. I don’t think they caught the killers of Germán, nor do I think there was much of a search. That kind of stuff happens all the time here. There are definitely areas that are safer than others, but for the most part, events of that nature are commonplace anywhere in the mission. So basically everywhere is a bad neighborhood in the mission ha. Yes Dad, my heart on the wall is the left white one. We only go to one of the zone conferences in a transfer as audience members, but sometimes we go to help out in the kitchen or something. Downtown Bs. As. does look really cool, but I don’t know if I would call it Paris…although I have never been to Paris…yet. And yes, 9 de Julio, the widest street in the world is fun to drive on, and gets your adrenaline pumping. Elder Bednar is coming in week 4 of next transfer…but who knows, I might leave this transfer, I have no idea. I don’t want to jinx it, but I wouldn’t mind being in here another transfer to be here when he came. The closest temple now is 4 hours away in ferry to Uruguay, so I don’t know how many people will be going. Traveling long distances here is a bigger deal than to people in the States. The new Spanish Bible is sweet! Everyone is buying them, so I am sure the Church is making bank. They are like 98 pesos. I did NOT get to play tennis. We went on a wild goose chase trying to find a place that would rent us equipment, and didn’t have luck. Don’t worry, Mom, I don’t think you are a heathen. Just keep trying your hardest. We can’t let the basics escape us. I am sure that this is a test in your life to see if you will study without any other reason than to improve, and gain personal knowledge and testimony. The glory of God is intelligence, and we should always be trying to increase that aspect of our life, so even if there were no callings we should be still increasing in spirituality. I mean, if we think about it, nobody is just going to come up to us in the celestial kingdom and poke us so that we magically know everything there is to know. We have to do it, and no one can do it for us, but hey, I am not preaching to you. I was probably the worst of us before the mission; I rarely studied scriptures every day of the week. I didn’t understand. What is the exact date of Lacey’s wedding? I am loving this weight loss boot camp thing you are doing…and no, we didn’t spiral into depression because of all the sports losses, although it did have me on the floor laughing when I read mom’s description of Dad pacing back and forth moaning. I love that feeling. It just brings back the painful memories of the USC-Texas Rose Bowl Classic. Probably the most bittersweet moment of my life; huge disappointment because we lost, but was at least sharing it with my dad, and I knew we felt the same way.

So this week I had some great experiences. First, Margarita did not get baptized, but don’t worry because she is this Saturday. Her little fight with that guy didn’t turn out to be a big deal, so she is back on board for this weekend. We are excited because the Ward Ramos Mejía will double their baptisms since last year with Margarita. They had 7 last year, and in the past four months, Elder Sabey and I have had 8 with “Marga”. Which will put us at 14, so I am just grateful for the blessings the Lord has poured out on us to help us reach the challenge Elder Richard G. Scott gave to us last year to duplicate baptisms. Speaking of Apostles, I am super trunky for General Conference.

So next cool thing to happen was that Elder Zivic of the 70 who came and visited our mission last transfer, visited our ward yesterday. So he spoke in our Sacrament meeting. His son just got home from the Missouri Independence mission and has been kind of going on tour for the past couple weeks speaking in all the wards of the stake. He remembered us and came over to talk to us…AND OUR INVESTIGATORS! It was, for lack of a better term, bomb-diggity. That is the second time I have had a general authority do my job for me, and I am not complaining. In his talk he kind of dropped the cane about fasting, and fast offerings. Only 30% of the whole area (Arg. Par. Uru.) is self-reliant when it comes to fast offerings. He was saying that we, here, still have to borrow a ton of money from members in other places like Europe and the States. It has been really interesting to see in my mission how reliant some people are on the church, because they just don’t have enough to survive. He said that it is interesting when they get requests and recommendations for bishops and the candidate hasn’t paid a fast offering for 3 years…here is a quote in English from him I translated, “It is a sad day when a man like that is the best we have to be a Judge in Israel.” Cane…dropped…hard. So moral of the story is read Isaiah 58 about what a true fast is, and do it!

Last thing I want to talk about is a little trip/service project we participated in on Saturday. There is a hospital right across the freeway from the offices that is pretty well-known here for bad reasons, Hospitál Posadas. It is just an awful hospital. We walked in and it seriously looked worse than a rundown high school. There was graffiti on the walls, dirt and trash in the hallways, windows broken out, and stray dogs running through…um…this is where people go to get medical attention, like…have surgery…or give birth…watch out people, this is what socialized healthcare will get us one day. So we walked in for a specific purpose, and I was super excited. We went to the top floor, all the way to the west wing, where special patients are held. And by special I mean terminally ill cancer patients…all under the age of 12. It was probably the most rewarding experiences of my life so far. We had to get scrubs and masks on and then we went in and played with all the kids, most only 3 or 4, who have been classified as hopeless by doctors. It looked like the most miserable life to have. Some could barely move, and some looked like nothing was wrong at all, but they were all up in that top wing, like they were forgotten, and sat and watched TV all day. We came with candy and alfajors and other goodies to try and lift their spirits. They looked happy to see us, I am sure they don’t get many visits, other than their parents who practically live there. Elder Sabey and I played Charades with them. It was so much fun! We only did Disney movies so they could guess easily, but I still think it was hard to do Beauty and the Beast. I just fell in love with this one girl, 3 years old, named Milagros (miracles in English) who had Down syndrome and cancer. We walked in and gave her an alfajors, and she burst into tears. We couldn’t figure out why until the nurse said, “She can’t eat sweets, and she knows it.” Oh my gosh, it broke my heart. She wanted to eat it but knew that she couldn’t. Come on people, she is terminally ill! Let her be a 3 year old and eat some chocolate! So we calmed her down and gave her a stuffed animal instead, which she seemed to be content with. It was so much fun, and so inspiring to see the parents and children all with smiles on their faces even in the midst of this awful and uncertain time. We gave all the parents magazines and talked with them about the church and eternal families. It was just a very rewarding experience for me, and I will never forget it, or my cool new friends I made who will inherit celestial glory without question.

So good week, and looking at having another good one. We will probably find out soon if Elder Sabey will be leaving or not this transfer, and it is up in the air as of now. Love you guys!

President Benton quote of the week: “Elders, there is no reason to be fearful of the future. We are going to shape the future.”

Elder Sean

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ramos Mejia- Week #64

Ups and Downs

Hey fam, Well, this week was a quick one, but so much happened! It definitely was one of blessings, but there were some HUGE trials this week, so I will be typing fast to get it all in…dad…that is a hint to correct all spelling mistakes.

So good news first, or bad? Well, we will start with the good! I have two good things to tell you, and two not so good things, plus pictures to send. First good thing, Elvira and Gabriel were baptized and confirmed this week, so they are the newest members of the Ramos Mejía Ward. It was a great service. I will send pictures, but let’s just say that our convert from June, Bryan, who was baptized the weekend I got into the office, baptized Gabriel, and I can’t even begin to try and describe what it is like to see your convert baptize another convert, and Brother Salas a.k.a. coolest member in the ward, baptized Elvira. We had a little scare, because Elvira slipped going down into the font and almost ate it hard on the stairs. Luckily she grabbed onto the guardrail and made it safely into the healing waters. Gabriel followed next, and had to do it twice because his knee came up out of the water. I told him not to worry about it because I had to do it twice as well. So that was a great part of the week. Margarita was set for this weekend, and technically still is, but she got into a fight with her boyfriend/business partner/member who introduced her to the church…so she is up in the air, but that isn’t one of the bad news items.

Next great topic is that it was Sister Benton’s birthday on Friday, September 11th! It was also Teacher’s Day here in Argentina, which is weird because in the U.S. it means something a little different. The Argentines, however, don’t really remember the attacks on September 11th…mostly the response we got from people if it came up was, “Welcome to the club, our country has had our share of tough breaks.” But all in all it wasn’t on anyone’s calendar. So for Hermana’s birthday we went to her house and gave her a “heart attack”…like the young women kind when you cut out hearts and put them everywhere. She went to a luncheon or something, and we snuck in with President’s help and covered the wall in her living room. She loved it…I think. She called us and thanked us for it, and said she was going to leave it up for six months or at least until Valentine´s day. President took a few pictures of us which I will attach so you can see our…labor of love…ha I thought about that one for a while. Anyway, so it covered my arts and craft portion of the mission for a while. Don’t worry though; we had a meeting with President while we were there, too, so we actually got work done in the process. I am still working with the tie guys, so that is coming along as well.

So the bad news for the week…two things, and both happened on Wednesday night. So we went to sleep on Wednesday night, and got a call at about 11:30 from our bishop. He had bad news. So you remember Sandra who was baptized in June as well, and her boyfriend/father of her children, Germán, who had a baptismal date and everything? Well bishop had just been on the phone with Sandra’s mother and had some bad news. Germán had left to go buy something at the store, was robbed, shot twice in the chest, and killed. Boom. Just like that, that whole family’s life got flipped upside down. He was only like 24. He is in the pictures of Sandra’s baptism. We have been trying to help all we can, but it is just a mess over there. Sandra is not doing well at all. We reminded her of the plan of salvation and all that, but I have a feeling it was the last thing she wanted to talk about. It is just an awful feeling. You grow so close to the people you teach, you grow to love them! And now one is dead, and the other who you baptized is suffering perhaps more than ever before. The worst part is that I want to do something to help her, and when I saw her the first time all I could do was give her a lousy handshake…great…but, she came to church still and the sisters in the ward are scooping her up, so we are working through it. Their kids still don’t know. Abril (5) is used to him coming and going, so nothing is unusual for her, and Aaron (2) isn’t even talking yet, so I am not sure how they are going to tell them. So it was just a little hard for them to deal with, but they are staying close to the church, which is the way to go.

So the next thing that happened Wednesday was that President Benton was robbed and kidnapped for 40 minutes! This is not even a joke…so this isn’t to make you worry or anything, but Satan is wreaking havoc here in the outskirts of Buenos Aires! This place is just dangerous! 2 robbings, 1 kidnapping, and 1 murder…I am totally getting street cred. Anyway, he was exactly 1 block away from the offices and a car cut him off with blue sirens, and guys got out with guns screaming at him to get into the passenger seat. They had hats on that said police and everything. So he complies and they take off with him in his car, and the funny thing was that he said they were kind of nice after that. He asked if they were really police, and they said no, that they were professionals, this was their business, and sorry that he was the unlucky one that night. Great…so they took him and put him in another car, and drove him around to disorient him for 40 minutes and dropped him off in some field. During the 40 minutes he said they were talking about family and stuff, and showing pics of their children on their cell phones and stuff. So President taught the first lesson to them and everything. They took his phone and wallet and stuff and left him in the field. So he hitchhiked back to his house and made all the necessary calls. It was too late to find the car…they had already disabled the tracking device that was in it. I guess they really were professionals. So he wasn’t harmed or anything and just has a cool story out of it. It is pretty funny the way he tells it. So the church, the next day, went out and bought him an even nicer car, brand new…I am not sure why…He just got hijacked because his car is nice…so let’s give him a nicer one that is new and shiny! I don’t think that helps the problem, but whatever…so that was the eventful week here in Argentina. I am out of time, but I love you all, and remember that most opportunities to grow come disguised as trials. You can’t grow without the growing pains.

Also, news flash, President just announced that we will be receiving a visit from Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve in November. Boo-yah…keep the good news coming! I hope I am still in the office.

Elder Sean

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ramos Mejia- Week #63

What a magnificent family

Hey Family and whoever still reads this thing,

First off, I want it to be a HLJ ring, like last time; don’t you have a picture I sent home at Christmas with it on or something? If not, I guess it isn’t a big deal. Also, President Benton is a huge BYU fan, so he let us know the outcome yesterday as soon as he found out. It was kind of a trunky moment, mainly because it just made me think of BYU and everyone celebrating the big win…without me…haha. Also, I wouldn’t mind reading Mom, Dad, and Lacey’s patriarchal blessings if you don’t mind. If we are going to get to the Celestial Kingdom together, I wouldn’t mind knowing how we can all help each other with the difficulties that are facing us. There is a great talk on Patriarchal blessings by President Packer from a while ago that talks about sharing them with your immediate family. Hope Dad feels better soon, and that the trip to California didn’t take too much out of you. Find any sweet cars? Also, Mom I just love you even more for when you asked me in your email what “baller” meant, and I quote,

“First off...what does "baller" mean? I hear the expression sometimes and then you used it in your last letter and I don't get it. Does it mean awesome?”

Hahaha yes it means awesome or cool, but I don’t really use it that much, it is like describing a really good basketball player, saying he is a baller, but it kind of evolved to use it to describe other things. So if I ever say that again, it just means cool. Thanks for those nice things you said about me mom, it is nice to hear things like that every once in a while.

So the work continues to flourish and blossom like the rose among the Lamanites, according to the prophecies in Doctrine and Covenants. Actually Argentines aren’t Lamanites, but whatever; you get what I am trying to say. Elvira and Gabriel are scheduled to get baptized this weekend, and we took out another baptismal date for Margarita for the 19th of September, so we should have three baptisms in the next three weeks. Also, do you remember Fiorella that got baptized here about two months ago? Well, her parents, Luis and Carmen, also want to be baptized, but they aren’t married and had to go through a divorce and it was a big mess, well it is finally over, and they can get married now! They should get married within 30-40 days and then can be baptized. We are hoping that it will be before the end of the transfer on the 11th of October or something. Elder Sabey’s sister-in-law is pregnant, so that is big news here right now. So, let’s just say, that I don’t really know what else to write this week. Everything is going well, and I am kind of getting the hang of juggling so many things, which means that something more will probably be thrown onto my plate soon, or else I would stop progressing.

So the last cool story of the week comes from my Capitál mail run. We went down into Buenos Aires to pick up mail on Thursday, and we met some sweet Irish family! We were in the building just waiting and we saw them walk in. Now, for the most part you can’t really tell if someone is an English speaker here, because there are so many people of European descent. So if someone from Ireland walks through the door and doesn’t open their mouth, I just assume they are Argentine, because a lot of Argentines look like Europeans. Anyway, they walk in and the little boy says, “Are you sure this is the right place?” With just the perfect Irish accent you have ever heard to go along with the fact that he just asked something in English. Anyway, long story short, they waited for their turn, and we didn’t say anything, but we noticed they were having some trouble at the desk with the worker…who speaks Spanish…so we introduced ourselves and played the translating game for them. Then we helped them along in the process of getting their packages out of the claws of grumpy mail room workers. They told us a little bit about what they were doing in Buenos Aires. Let’s just say that it was the mom and the dad and three boys, the oldest about 14, and they decided to go on a SIX MONTH family vacation around the world! They had been gone about three months! Three more to go! They had already been over to the states and down through the American continent, and now are headed over to New Zealand and Australia and up through Asia, then back through Europe and back to Ireland. Talk about a family vacation. We talked to them about the church and they said that they see Elders all the time where they live. They had just great accents and always said things like, “extraordinary” and “magnificent”, instead of just “great” and “good”. It was extraordinary; they obviously picked up on my Irish ancestry from my name-tag. I told them that I was mostly Irish, but there was a miniscule part of me that comes from England and Wales. Just that Gilmore pride I guess. Anyway, it was something interesting that happened.

Well, better wrap this thing up. I hope everyone is doing well. Keep finding ways to be better, and the Lord will bless you with opportunities to grow. I know that it isn’t always easy, in fact sometimes it is just downright hard, but never lose focus. Remember that the consequences of this life are eternal, and if trials and hardships are the way back to my Father, I will willingly go through them. I would do anything for Him, and my family, so I will endure the disappointments and tests of faith without complaint, so that I can enjoy the eternal rewards. Nothing can break my faith in my Father’s plan, or in His promises. What He has promised us is more than we deserve, and if all He asks of us is to keep our heads up during the hard times, I feel like that isn’t too bad of a deal. I would go so far as to call it magnificent. I know He has everything under control, and is rooting for us along the way. So when the burden gets heavy, and the pathway dark, keep your head up, look towards Him, and remember that our blessings are many, and His promises-great.

Don’t stop pushing,

Your Elder

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fotos de Juan Miguel

Elias' baptism!

The photo that showed up in the transfer meeting. On the Smith Family's balcony.

Temple pic!

Our next boy band album cover

Ramos Mejia- Week #62

I have connections!

Hey Fam,

Finally catching my breath…it has been a busy week. The last week of the transfer always is. We just finished with all the new missionaries, and then Elder Sabey and I hopped a train to Haedo to hit up a tie store I am doing business with. President Benton gave me the assignment to make a mission tie, so I have been doing some mingling, and it is kind of funny because I kind of have connections now. I’ve got Eduardo down on Belgrano, who is my main man; also he has a hole in his throat from smoking. I plan on bringing him a Word of Wisdom pamphlet next time. He is kind of the one who gets everything going for me, but I also occasionally need something from Ruben or Luis. So I’ve been in contact with the gang, and have been getting some things to look at. We took the train to see Eduardo who gave me the sample tie I am showing to President the next time I see him. Kind of different…I never thought I would be doing this as a missionary, but it has been fun. It is amazing how everyone treats you when you always roll up in a suit and tie, and pay for everything in cash. It is also fun to learn business moves at the feet of President Benton, who is just an amazingly successful man. So I am jotting some things down on how to get what I am looking for after the mission.

So it is official: Elder Sabey and I have started our third transfer together. In this mission we call that being eternal companions, and very rarely have two ever been together four transfers, which is called being celestial companions. In the slideshow for transfer meeting that I make I put a great picture of us together when our area popped up. It got a little chuckle out of President, so I guess it wasn’t too inappropriate. Things are just humming along, and it is crazy to think that September already started. It has been two years since I started BYU. Glad to hear that things are going well in California, and that our family is still just as unique and stereo-typical at the same time, as ever. Stories about the Grandmas just make me laugh. Tell them I miss them. It has been hot here too! For some strange reason it got to about 80 and humid as ever…keeping in mind it is supposed to be WINTER here. Sounds like you are having a great vacation. Enjoy it!

Elias’ baptism went off without a hitch. Our Bishop baptized him, but was kind of in a rush when the phone call came that his wife was having contractions. But still, it was a great service. I will send pictures. The missionary work is going better than ever! In our mission we had a goal of 200 baptisms, and we were able to reach 192! That is a new mission record! When I got to the mission the record was 130, and it was good if we got over 100, but now we are just sky-rocketing. Elvira and Gabriel both came to church, and Gabriel had on a green tweed suit straight from a hippy’s closet, with a ruffled white shirt. It was BALLER! They both have baptismal dates for the 12th of September. Margarita is also a choice lady. We taught her and she mentioned that she had already read the Book of Mormon her friend gave her, and is in Doctrine and Covenants. That is amazing, but has been heard of, which is why this next piece of information is proof of how prepared she is. She has also read the teachings of President Spencer W. Kimball. President Kimball drops the cane sometimes, but it didn’t scare her away, so she must be ready. We also found out that Carmen and Luis, the parents of Bryan and Fiorella that were baptized last transfer are getting married this month as well, so they can be baptized. We should be having about five baptisms this month, which would be such a blessing. I know I have said this a lot, but it is amazing how much the Lord is blessing us here in the offices, with not having as much time to go out and work in the street.

So last thing I want to talk about was that we had interviews this week with President Benton, and mine was probably the best one I have ever had. It was very interesting, and really spiritual, too. I learn so much from him. I can’t believe how much President Benton is influencing my life. I think it was Brett or Kyle who told me that we aren’t sent to a country or land where we are supposed to be, rather, to the mission president that will help us grow most. If I just totally misquoted them…I am sure they are used to it…but the point is that I am thinking it is true more and more every day. He has taken a more important role in my life than I ever would have thought my mission president would.

I have started a “purification fast”. Elder Zivic told us about them. You choose some things you are trying to change to align your life with the gospel, like saying “dude” haha or something more important, and you fast from them for 40 days, and at the end of the 40 days you have the Spirit more, and the desires to do those things are gone. Well, I had a few things, so I am going strong through one week. I am going to end it with General Conference, preparing myself for the inspired messages that will be given. I need them pretty badly right now. The world in general and my world have changed quite a bit in the last six months, so I need some revelation from the Prophets. Something big is coming for me in Conference. Everyone should start getting some questions ready to take to conference, because your questions will be answered, God will make sure of it, keeping in mind that the answer might be “No”, or “It doesn’t matter for you to know” haha love those ones. Anyway, I love you fam! Some friends too… I will be sending some pictures soon in the mail, lots of videos too, most don’t have any point to them, and make me look dumb, but I think mom likes those best…hopefully.

Elder Sean

P.S. I forgot to tell you the most important news ever! Starting this week President changed P-Day back to Monday! So I will be writing on Monday now!