Monday, September 28, 2009

Ramos Mejia- Week #66

Pre-Conference Warm-Up


Well, we had another great week here in Ramos Mejía. Any week that you have a baptism is great of course. Margarita really was prepared to receive the gospel. Her baptism went really well…sort of. There were only 10 people there, including us and Hermana Benton. It was a bit of a shame, considering that this ward has had an attendance of 144 within the last month. Our bishop said that there was a service activity that morning, and that is probably why no one came. Oh yeah, haha, I forgot about that commandment where you can only go to one church activity a day. My bad. How silly of me. But in any case, she was baptized and confirmed on Sunday, and loved it. Also, news flash, she is the first convert I have had to say my last name right in a prayer on the first try, and for that has moved up a few notches on my favorite people list. It has been funny here on a mission, how many people just can’t say my name. Gilmore…so easy…Heel-mor-eh? Close. Seems like it wouldn’t be too hard, but then again when I think about it, I never realized how much we butcher Hispanic people’s last names in the States without even thinking twice, because we say it with our English accents. San Luis Obispo, California ahahahah…we aren’t even close.

I've been so blessed here in Ramos Mejía. Last year in October, Elder Richard G. Scott gave a challenge to all the missions to duplicate their baptisms before September. Well, the last weekend in September just happened, and I am happy to say that Ramos Mejía duplicated baptisms from last year. This ward always gets a bad reputation of not baptizing, because of us being office elders, Last year they only had 7 baptisms, but Margarita yesterday was 14 for this year. Yesterday our bishop was all smiles after PEC when we congratulated the ward on duplicating baptisms this year and completing with Elder Scott's challenge. This ward helps us so much. It is the BEST ward in the mission, a perfect example of how members should work with the missionaries. Every single one of the baptisms this year has been a referral from a member. So, we the missionaries didn't really do much. The members duplicated baptisms by presenting their friends to us. Elder Sabey and I have been blessed to be the lucky ones here to see all the fruits of their work, participating in eight of the fourteen baptisms the ward has had this year as a companionship, and only in the past 4 months. GO MEMBERS!

Speaking of our companionship, President told us yesterday that…yes…we will be eternal companions. 4 transfers together, or in other words, 6 months. Most missionaries don’t make it 6 months in one area, let alone with one companion, but I will admit that I probably wouldn’t be able to do it with anyone else. So, we will both be here for Elder Bednar’s visit on November 19th. We also found out that Elder Snow from the Presidency of the Seventy will be accompanying Elder Bednar. The bad news is that this means our beloved Elder Varela will be leaving us, and that isn’t good for me because he cuts my hair. At first it wasn’t very good, but I have been impressed at how well he does it now. So I will have to break in somebody else, or maybe just go to a real barber before Elder Bednar gets here.

Speaking of Apostles and missionary haircuts, Conference is almost here! I am excited to hear what the Brethren and other Authorities have to say. Everyone is making their last push to try and convince President to let us watch it in English. The rule is that if you have more than a year you watch in Spanish…so this is the first time the rule has affected me. I wasn’t going to try and sway President’s decision, but then realized that I, too, am interested in watching it in my native language. It probably isn’t that big of a deal. I will say, however, that I have had the opportunity to watch it in both English and Spanish, and there is no comparison. In my experience, the spirit was stronger, the revelation flowed more easily, and the notes were more copious when I watched in English. I am not sure I wrote down one sentence in the Spanish sessions I watched, not because I wasn't listening, but because if I took time to start writing, I missed everything they were saying while I was jotting it down. Maybe that just means I am a bad note taker in a foreign language, but I just think it is interesting that when watching in Spanish, you have to concentrate on the Spanish language, and the more important language of the Spirit takes a back seat. In English, we can fully concentrate on what the Spirit is saying, thus hearing what the Lord would have us hear. I don’t think that Conference is the most appropriate time to try to do language study. Regardless, though, I am excited and will willingly obey whatever the rule happens to be this weekend. My Purification fast is coming to an end, and my questions are formed for Conference. I will be doing at least one fast this week to get ready, and know that my prayers will be answered.

That is cool mom that you challenged your class to do the Purification fast as well. Always leave a commitment, or else the investigator won’t progress. Not that your Relief Society sisters are investigators…but you know what I am trying to say. Other than that, I am not sure much else happened this week. Except for the fact that Elder Woodmansee made homemade root beer yesterday and we had root beer floats...which just about made my life. So, have a great week. Enjoy conference!

Elder Sean

P.S. GO MOM AND DAD! You are going to be lean machines when I get home.

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