Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ramos Mejia- Week #62

I have connections!

Hey Fam,

Finally catching my breath…it has been a busy week. The last week of the transfer always is. We just finished with all the new missionaries, and then Elder Sabey and I hopped a train to Haedo to hit up a tie store I am doing business with. President Benton gave me the assignment to make a mission tie, so I have been doing some mingling, and it is kind of funny because I kind of have connections now. I’ve got Eduardo down on Belgrano, who is my main man; also he has a hole in his throat from smoking. I plan on bringing him a Word of Wisdom pamphlet next time. He is kind of the one who gets everything going for me, but I also occasionally need something from Ruben or Luis. So I’ve been in contact with the gang, and have been getting some things to look at. We took the train to see Eduardo who gave me the sample tie I am showing to President the next time I see him. Kind of different…I never thought I would be doing this as a missionary, but it has been fun. It is amazing how everyone treats you when you always roll up in a suit and tie, and pay for everything in cash. It is also fun to learn business moves at the feet of President Benton, who is just an amazingly successful man. So I am jotting some things down on how to get what I am looking for after the mission.

So it is official: Elder Sabey and I have started our third transfer together. In this mission we call that being eternal companions, and very rarely have two ever been together four transfers, which is called being celestial companions. In the slideshow for transfer meeting that I make I put a great picture of us together when our area popped up. It got a little chuckle out of President, so I guess it wasn’t too inappropriate. Things are just humming along, and it is crazy to think that September already started. It has been two years since I started BYU. Glad to hear that things are going well in California, and that our family is still just as unique and stereo-typical at the same time, as ever. Stories about the Grandmas just make me laugh. Tell them I miss them. It has been hot here too! For some strange reason it got to about 80 and humid as ever…keeping in mind it is supposed to be WINTER here. Sounds like you are having a great vacation. Enjoy it!

Elias’ baptism went off without a hitch. Our Bishop baptized him, but was kind of in a rush when the phone call came that his wife was having contractions. But still, it was a great service. I will send pictures. The missionary work is going better than ever! In our mission we had a goal of 200 baptisms, and we were able to reach 192! That is a new mission record! When I got to the mission the record was 130, and it was good if we got over 100, but now we are just sky-rocketing. Elvira and Gabriel both came to church, and Gabriel had on a green tweed suit straight from a hippy’s closet, with a ruffled white shirt. It was BALLER! They both have baptismal dates for the 12th of September. Margarita is also a choice lady. We taught her and she mentioned that she had already read the Book of Mormon her friend gave her, and is in Doctrine and Covenants. That is amazing, but has been heard of, which is why this next piece of information is proof of how prepared she is. She has also read the teachings of President Spencer W. Kimball. President Kimball drops the cane sometimes, but it didn’t scare her away, so she must be ready. We also found out that Carmen and Luis, the parents of Bryan and Fiorella that were baptized last transfer are getting married this month as well, so they can be baptized. We should be having about five baptisms this month, which would be such a blessing. I know I have said this a lot, but it is amazing how much the Lord is blessing us here in the offices, with not having as much time to go out and work in the street.

So last thing I want to talk about was that we had interviews this week with President Benton, and mine was probably the best one I have ever had. It was very interesting, and really spiritual, too. I learn so much from him. I can’t believe how much President Benton is influencing my life. I think it was Brett or Kyle who told me that we aren’t sent to a country or land where we are supposed to be, rather, to the mission president that will help us grow most. If I just totally misquoted them…I am sure they are used to it…but the point is that I am thinking it is true more and more every day. He has taken a more important role in my life than I ever would have thought my mission president would.

I have started a “purification fast”. Elder Zivic told us about them. You choose some things you are trying to change to align your life with the gospel, like saying “dude” haha or something more important, and you fast from them for 40 days, and at the end of the 40 days you have the Spirit more, and the desires to do those things are gone. Well, I had a few things, so I am going strong through one week. I am going to end it with General Conference, preparing myself for the inspired messages that will be given. I need them pretty badly right now. The world in general and my world have changed quite a bit in the last six months, so I need some revelation from the Prophets. Something big is coming for me in Conference. Everyone should start getting some questions ready to take to conference, because your questions will be answered, God will make sure of it, keeping in mind that the answer might be “No”, or “It doesn’t matter for you to know” haha love those ones. Anyway, I love you fam! Some friends too… I will be sending some pictures soon in the mail, lots of videos too, most don’t have any point to them, and make me look dumb, but I think mom likes those best…hopefully.

Elder Sean

P.S. I forgot to tell you the most important news ever! Starting this week President changed P-Day back to Monday! So I will be writing on Monday now!

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