Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Rafael Castillo- Week #28


Hello, Hello

Today I am writing from Simpsons.net, which is a locutorio that is all decked out with Simpsons stuff, because the usual place we go to is closed while the owners are on vacation. First, yes Dad, Oreo night is still in full force, and those pictures were sweet of the USC-Cal game. I got my journal yesterday, so my personal history will continue unhindered. I got about 15 letters this week all for Christmas, I guess the mail got backed up, but there was a bunch of letters from friends and Livingston Ward members, The Ortons sent me a package, and I got the Primary's cards. Yes people burn clothes here for how much time they have, but I haven't gotten around to burning a tie for my six month mark...I like my ties. We shot off the poppers mom. I've seen Elder Reno, but never actually met him or talked to him.

Alright so big news. Roxana IS married!!! This week has just been full of surprises. We went over one day with a member, and the Sister was telling her conversion story, and about how she had to get married to be baptized, then the Sister asked out of the blue, "Are you married?" Roxana said, "No, in the church, no"...Sister: "But civilly?" Roxana: "Si, I wasn't married to the father of my oldest girls, but now I am married to Daniel." ARE YOU KIDDING ME THAT IS GREAT!!!!!!! So they can totally get baptized. So that happened Wednesday, Friday we go back and the oldest girls, two 13 year old twins, Florencia and Karen, want to listen, so we taught the whole family, and then sang for them a hymn, because my comp loves singing, also making origami...so he made them origami to give to them the following Sunday...to my surprise they really liked it. Anyway, they all came to church! Sort of, Daniel came halfway through Sacrament Meeting, saw that everyone was dressed nicer, and had to try and escape without anyone seeing. It was kind of funny hearing him tell the story. He is just a proud Argentine man that cracks me up. He didn't want anyone to see him, so he ducked into the bathroom but then someone walked in, so he "flew" into the stall and hid in there until the coast was clear, but he is going to come this week. So then we went by again yesterday and watched the movie, the Restoration, and it was way spiritual, then Daniel told us that their family life has already changed so much for the better since we started coming by. Then Roxana told us that Sunday night she sat down to read the book of Mormon and started to pray, but couldn't finish because she started crying too hard, but she felt something rare and distinct...ever heard of the spirit delivering an answer from God! YES! I love it...anyway, yesterday we popped the question, and by that I mean invited them to be baptized, they all accepted. Roxana was like, "yes I want to" before we even got the words out...and the rest followed. This week has probably been the best week in the mission, aside from Ciris' baptism. The only thing that could hinder my joy is that they are leaving on vacation to Cordoba, and they aren't going to be back until the last week of the transfer, so we won’t see them for about 2 weeks. They leave on the 15th. However, they asked for the address to the chapel in Cordoba so they can go while they are there. Golden...so yeah, I could be having 4 more baptisms if Heavenly Father blesses me with it, and I show I am willing to work for it. So now they have a fecha bautismal...baptism date...so you know what that means, Satan is unleashing his forces, and I know we aren't supposed to ask for people at home to get involved with investigators and all that jazz but...ALL HANDS ON DECK! (the sound of sirens going off) ANYBODY! EVERYBODY! (red lights flashing) START PRAYING LIKE RELIGIOUS RADICALS! DO SOMETHING! WE GOTTA GET THESE PEOPLE INTO EVERLASTING ETERNAL JOY AS A FAMILY UNIT! ...needless to say, I had a pretty good week. Heavenly Father gave us a family. When they get sealed, in a year, I can go to the temple with them. I now see the miracle of the fourth transfer. I don't know if I mentioned that last time, but Elder Gonzàlez says that the fourth transfer in an area always has a miracle in it. In reality though, every transfer has hundreds of miracles in it.

So...sorry this one was short, but I spent time trying to send a picture, but it didn't work, ...Anyway, love you guys, I have a lot of letters to write today, it might take a few weeks to get caught up with everyone.

Love, Sean

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