Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Merlo- Week #36

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Hey-lo Family and Friends,

First off, thanks for the letter this week...Joseph Naylor! I enjoyed the picture and letter, and actually have almost already completed the response back in the apartment, complete with picture and all. I will be sending it this week, so be expecting that in about 1½ - 2 months. Haha. Also, Interviews with President are tomorrow and I am really excited! Last transfer’s interview was amazing, and he received direct revelation out of nowhere for something I needed to do, which I did, and saw the fruits of following my mission president. So I am pretty antsy to see what tomorrow’s holds in store for me...I basically consider it sitting in a room with a General Authority, even though technically he isn’t one.

So Elder Mackay and I have had a great time sitting here reading to each other our parents’ e-mails about how our grandmothers chatted it up about us. Well Margarita is still good to go for this weekend, and we had 3 investigators in church on Sunday, even though it was raining again. I don’t understand why it is so hot all week, no relief, and then Saturday night it gets cold and rains all through the night and morning...then right after church it is hot and sunny again...haha talk about opposition in all things. My shoes are holding up fine, and I don’t think I need to buy boots, also mom I don’t know what you are talking about my waterproof shoes? What waterproof shoes? If you are talking about the only two pairs of shoes that I brought with me, haha, then yes, I am wearing those...if they are waterproof...I didn’t notice. My favorite girl scout cookie is trefoil...always and forever. I don’t know what I want for my birthday...surprise me...you have 3 months to decide...

So Margarita this weekend, then the 21st we have another baptism planned with a nine year old boy named Eduardo, whose mother is inactive but started coming to church again, and Eduardo came up to us and said, “I want you to baptize me.” So I said, “Alright, let’s go!” and started leading him to the font and I could only laugh as the look of terror appeared on his face when he thought I was just going to do it right then, but then I told him I was kidding and he calmed down, but he is pretty excited. Also, we have been teaching two of the oldest people I have ever seen, Nora and Emilio, for about 4 weeks now, and they are great, always accepting, and want to get baptized...one little snag...we were informed this past week that Nora, the sweet old grandma with mountains of faith, is a SERIAL KILLER!!!!!!!! PSSSSHHHAHAHAHAHAHA! She killed her husband 30 years ago, but in Argentina they can’t keep you in jail longer than 20 years for something like that (I was told) and so she is now free, but then, a few years ago...she struck again! And beat down a poor old woman! The older woman suffered severe injuries to the HEAD from the cane of Nora. Nora beat a poor old woman over the head until she died! Oh my goodness, we found out because she started to beat Emilio over the head too, but they caught her before she killed him...but the family wants us to keep passing by to help her through her “problem” yeah the problem she has of beating old people mercilessly...haha I can’t help but laugh even though it is horrible. Elder Arriola didn’t want to go by, because he said she was crazy, but I wanted to go anyway to see what she said. This is the conversation that then ensued.

Arriola: Elder, she kills people.
Me: She won’t kill us, we are two young men, we can stop her and her cane.
Arriola: She isn’t right in the head.
Me: I agree, let’s go.
Arriola: (in the most movie like cliché voice I have ever heard.) I AM NOT READY TO DIE!!!!!
Me: ........HAHAHHAHAHAHA ok fine.

Eventually he gave in and we went, but she didn’t confess anything to us, it was a normal visit...but Elder Arriola was eying her cane the entire time. Good times... Well, my time is up I got to go already.

Love to all, Sean

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