Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Merlo- Week 40

It's Autumn Time, It's Autumn Time, The Leaves are Falling Down

Hello again, from Sunny Merlo

Well, let’s just start out by saying thank you for the packages Mom, Dad, and Grandma Wilma. I loved everything inside, especially the Lay’s chips Grandma, because I can only buy generic brand stuff here and it just doesn’t taste the same. To answer Mom’s questions, yes I love you; white shirts would be appreciated, good to go with garments because I bought some when I went to the temple. Don’t really need any of that other stuff, except more paper to write letters would be nice. I am running out. Don’t want more scripture stickers; I don’t really use them that much. Also, if you tried to attach that website, it didn’t work, because I don’t see anything in the e-mail about a link or anything. Thanks for the letters Nat and Gabe! Responses will be arriving in a few weeks.

Alright, March is now over, Autumn started, and today it was actually really nice out, not hot, not cold. Also, today ends the third month of my blackout year, and it ended with a great Zone Conference last Friday. It was all about the Atonement, with Easter coming up and all. Also, we got a mission wide memo about General Conference. The last mission president always made the elders bring investigators to the sessions or they couldn’t go, which I understand, I mean, it is important that investigators go to gain a testimony of living prophets, but President Benton came out with a new policy. He has made it mandatory that we go to ALL sessions of General Conference, with or without investigators, although we should put forth every effort to have investigators there. That’s what I am talking about! I like the way he thinks. The way I see it, if the investigators can’t make it, the best way I can help them is to take a bunch of notes and tell them all about what the General Authorities had to say. I am more than excited for Conference this weekend. Um...anybody ever heard of new Apostle? I have a few picks myself, which go as follows: 1. Richard G. Hinckley...ever heard of him? Son of Gordon B. 2. Allen F. Packer...yeah his dad is Boyd K. 3. L. Whitney Clayton...of the presidency of the Seventy, he just looks like an Apostle. Long Shot: Yoshihiko Kikuchi...who better to start the work in China than the “Man from Japan” Well, anyways...I am probably way off, but it was kind of fun to guess.

So last Wednesday we had Ward Council, and let’s just say it seemed like everything got dumped on the Elders. The Bishop in the middle of the meeting stops the Relief Society President from talking and looks at us and says, “Elders, you are in charge of Sacrament Meeting on Sunday, hymns, prayers, talks, everything.” Um...was that just some crazy revelation...or were you planning on telling us sooner? Anyways, we got everything planned and it was actually a great meeting, and a lot of members came up to us after complimenting our talks. Then on Sunday after the meetings, our Bishop tells us that there is a Ward Family Night on Thursday and that we are in charge...ok that one annoyed me. What if we had appointments...or a meeting...or just plain don’t want to do it. With General Conference this weekend we are going to be running around like crazy as it is trying to complete our weekly goals, and now we have to plan a big ward activity in four days...great. But we are getting a lot of help from the members, and they are planning a lot of it for us, so that is nice.

So we were in a lesson with a lady and her kids that we have been teaching since my first week here in Merlo, and she kind of gave us a wakeup call in terms of how we teach as a companionship. She told us, “You know what, I have noticed that you two do the same thing every time you come. Elder Arriola starts out talking with us a bunch about random things to make us comfortable, he makes us laugh and we feel like you are our friends, and then once we are all feeling comfortable, he starts to teach us about something, but doesn’t explain it very well, then Elder Gilmore comes in and starts explaining what Arriola tried to explain, and he explains it really well, and we understand the Book of Mormon more, but it seems like Elder Gilmore is the only teacher, and Elder Arriola is the only friend.” OUCH! Way to totally stab us in the heart. I felt bad that she said that about Elder Arriola, but also that she doesn’t think I am her friend. I try to small talk more, but Elder Arriola really does talk a lot about whatever comes to his mind, and he is really funny, but needs to work more on his teaching skills, and I guess I need to work more on my social skills...oh well that’s why we have the Atonement, to be able to change our ways.

Also, thought I should tell you, that on February 16th I sent Bishop Orton and Livingston Ward some letters...and on Monday, March 30th, I got the letter back. Obviously I got the address wrong. So if you could send me that it would be great. I thought I knew it, but I was wrong. Well, I am sorry this is going to be a short letter, but I am kind of sick to my stomach, and am uncomfortable in this internet place...I would just feel more comfortable back in the pench in case it gets worse.

Love, Sean

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