Saturday, July 19, 2008

Photos from the MTC

Sean sent some pictures home today with his letter. We have posted a few of them for you to enjoy. Doesn't he look great?!?

Sean and his MTC Companion, Elder Stokes

Elder Sean Michael Gilmore- going to the Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission

BYU Friends
L to R: Trevor Stephens (Korea), Kyle Anderson (Philippines), Luke Christensen (Portland, OR), Cameron Hodson (Tucson, AZ), Sean Gilmore (Argentina), and Brett Anderson (Spain)

Elder Stokes, Elder Maxwell, Elder Gilmore and Elder Sabey- going to Buenos Aires!!! These four room together at the MTC

Sean's District with their teacher, Hna. Engebretsen

Sean's District with their teacher, Hno. Conde

Sean's desk is nice and neat, unlike his desk at BYU. Maybe there is hope for him yet!

Sean's District found a Christmas Tree and decided to have Christmas in July

Sean and his MTC District having a gift exchange for Christmas in July

Elder Gilmore at the MTC

Sean with his MTC Companion, Elder Stokes

Elder Stokes, Elder Sabey, Elder Gilmore and Elder Maxwell, obviously doing some sort of Argentine hand gesture at the Provo Temple. These Elders are all going to Buenos Aires together, and share a dorm room at the MTC

Sean with this MTC District at the Provo Temple

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Lacey said...

He looks like he is having a great time! :) and it looks like his ACL is fine ;)