Wednesday, July 23, 2008

MTC Week 5

Hey Everyone,

First I want to award Kasidy and Joseph the award for still writing me even when I completely ignore them. Sorry guys, there is like no time at all to write, especially now this week with the temple being back open.

So I never got to follow-up with Carolyn in the RC on Friday, but its ok the instructor said that it is better to call two weeks after anyway, because it gives the missionaries I sent to her time to contact her. The reason I didn't is because the phones were flooded all day, and about 40 people were on hold, so they want every missionary in the RC to be taking calls. I talked to Magalie (ma-GAH-lee) for about 30 minutes. She is Haitian but now lives in
South Florida and let me tell you I didn't understand half of what she said. She had the thickest accent I have ever heard in my life. It was fun to talk to her though, she doesn't call Satan, the devil, instead she says, "The Demon trys to tempt me". It was way funny. I sent missionaries to her even though she said this past week a couple of people have died in front of her I think that the elders will be ok anyways.

Elder Stokes and I have been teaching a lot because we love the practice. I didn't know this, but the teachers we practice with give our classroom teachers feedback on our performances. We went to Sis. Gibson one day and this is what she said:

"I also worked with Elder Gilmore and Elder Stokes . They taught lesson two. WOW! They departed from their lesson plan on several occasions to apply to the lesson to my questions and needs and came up with things on the spot that they have not used before. They did a terrific job of working in unity and watching the investigator's responses. Elder Gilmore never broke eye contact and you could feel the Spirit pouring out of him. The same with Elder Stokes, he spoke with such clarity that I as an investigator couldn't misunderstand the principles he was teaching. We practiced giving a brief overview of the lesson (2 minutes) and I showed them what Bro. Ghram taught us in our all-zone meeting about sharing a lesson in 5-8 minutes and then using the rest of the time ask questions and have more of discussion with the investigator. THANKS for letting them teach me! It is rare to find a companionship like them"

I thought that was nice of her to say, also it proves that although I am a goof-off I am not a slacker. Its funny though, we have gotten a few of those kinds of reviews and it always seems like the next lesson we don't do as well. That is pride for you, but they really help Elder Stokes and I to gain confidence in our teaching.

Ok...update on Pedro, our progressive investigator. As I mentioned last time, it was very awkward and frustrating. Well the next two visits have been way better. He is keeping his commitments and although it takes a while for him to understand something, it is really neat to see when it clicks for him. Granted it is really Bro. Valladares pretending to be an investigator, but still. Anyway, yesterday we expected to teach the plan of salvation to him, but instead ended up teaching what praying with real intent means and all about baptism. It was PERFECT! Elder Stokes was dominating...spiritually of course, and I was having things pop into my head out of nowhere, and then with about 5 minutes left I started to commit him to baptism. Seriously 3 seconds before I asked the question his phone goes off...WHAT!!!! Teachers aren't supposed to have cell phones while working with MISSIONARIES!!! He took the call because it was "very important" and talked the whole five minutes. Very important? Pedro's Soul is at stake!!!!!! So we had to close without finishing the lesson, and it was frustrating. Then in our feedback he went on and on about how wonderful we were as teachers but we didn't take advantage of the opportunities to commit the investigator to mean when you were on the phone...haha I just had to laugh it off because it was ridiculous. I still have time left but have to change my laundry so I might send another short email later

love you bye

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