Monday, July 7, 2008

MTC Week 2 - cont.

This was a continuation of his Wednesday e-mail letter and just arrived in our mailbox today because of the Independence Day holiday....

Dear Mom and Dad,

I need Grandma Sherry's address! I haven't heard from her, but I wrote Grandma Wilma for her birthday and probably should write Grandma Sherry too, I know everything but the zip code.

Anyways, the night before P-day I always have a ton of things I want to write to everyone, but then forget when I actually have to write. I found out I can not upload pictures and email them, so I have to either send you my memory card, or I have to print off all the pictures in the bookstore and mail them to you, but I promise those will come next week. Hey mom, I think Dad is is beating you in who corresponds more with their son :) I'm just teasing. I already saw Brett! He came in today, and I went to the copy center for a Spanish conjugation chart and he was there for immunization processing. I talked to him for about 10 minutes, he seemed to be doing well., He had just said goodbye to his Dad. Actually, this morning I went prying in the bookstore to find his packet because it has his zone info on it. He isn't in my zone, but I think he has the same mealtime and gym time! so I will be seeing him a lot.

As far as I know there are no plans for 4th of July celebrations other than they let us watch the fireworks they set off at the stadium. They don't do culture classes, but Hermana Engebretsen went to Argentina so she mentions stuff here and there. Hmo. Conde told us that the one Spanish rule we have to remember is never use 'su Madre', because Spanish speakers are not afraid to kill you for it. Even in asking how their mothers are doing we use 'su Mama', because 'Como esta su Madre' is offensive, Spanish is coming really well though. Sometimes I can't get German out of my head, like I say Das ist bien. Also I just got called over the intercom to report to the health clinic immediately. I don't know what for or if I will get to write more, but I will try later, if not I love you. Ok that was stupid, they said a little bird told them I was having nosebleeds and they gave me Vaseline to stick up my nose, I asked everyone in the district and no one told... thanks Mom... just for that I am stopping the letters immediately... seriously if you called over some nosebleeds I can't write you anymore. The doctor said to write nice things home, so thanks for getting me in trouble. Just kidding I bet It was Dad and his hyperness. But really, everything is fine, it is because of the dry air and the cold put together, they said if I don't improve by Monday go and make an appointment. So if we can all agree not to overact when I send my letters, I will continue to inform you of my MTC experience. Another thing I have realized is my Pee Wee Soccer experience doesn't transfer to the MTC field. There are crazy good soccer players here. I can hold my own in basketball and volleyball, but where I truly dominate where elders and sisters alike fall to my deadly skill is the four square court. We have been informed that in the past month there has been a broken ankle, broken wrist, torn ACL, and split chin all on the four square court, and I can see why. Everyone is good at it because it is so easy, so it just gets out of control competitive, which is what I like to participate in.

Just last week we were playing basketball, and Elder Klein was guarding his companion Elder Mills, and they collided which resulted in a bloody nose for Elder Mills. Elder Klein denied any pre-meditation accusations. Elder Mills has kind of emerged as the Elder everyone practices and develops their patience with. He tends to correct everyone... all the time. Oh well, he means well.

So obviously we have three old men for our Branch Presidency, and I guess they have taken it upon themselves to make up for the lack of physical affection we get because seriously every time we see them they are hugging us. Some Elders make fun of it, some feel awkward, I personally am loving it! "What was that President Busath? Oh you want another hug? Come here osito grande!" It is seriously the best part of the day, especially right after Sacrament meeting he stands by the door and hugs each person on his way out.

I have been trying to broaden my Spanish vocabulary, for example, I live in my chair "Yo vivo en mi silla." I read the Book of Mormon. "Yo leo el Libro de Mormon." I see a drug dealer. "Yo veo un narcotraficante!" Hmo. Conde got a kick out of that last one when I wrote it on the board for my example sentence. By the way, Hmo is short for Hermano which means brother in case you were wondering. So when I say Hmo. Conde it means Bro. Conde. The same rule applies with Hma. Engebretsen...except Sis. not Bro.

They are closing the temple for the next two weeks for cleaning, so the next two P-Days should be pretty wide-open for letter writing and such. OK, I have only been gone two weeks and it has gone by fast, but also it has been forever. I still have a long long long way to go.

Did I mention that everyone here who has been here longer looks older, but the new elders look like they are 13. It is strange... Also Dad, thanks for the poster but I am afraid it is contraband. No decorations are allowed in the rooms, so I didn't open it and plan to tote it around Argentina and then put it up in my BYU apartment.

You are all lucky I can't take naps on Wednesday, or else this letter would have been over long long ago. Well I guess it is time to say goodbye. My nostrils are a little dry and I can feel the petroleum jelly calling. Thank you everyone for the prayers and support. It is much appreciated. I love you, and stop calling the MTC.

With love, Sean

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