Wednesday, July 2, 2008

MTC Week 2

Hey Everybody!

First of all parents, before i start the blog post, i could use some t-shirts, just one or two, because i go through all of them and then only have my blue henley for p-day and it is disgustingly hot. Also, sorry to anyone who didn't get a personal letter last week. We literally got about five hours of P-day, two were at the temple, one was lunch and one was laundry, so i had about an hour to e-mail and write. This week i have smartened up though and brought paper with me to laundry to write while i waited. Anyways, I brought my journal with my to the computer because I literally have no idea what has happened since last week. Everything is one huge blur. Today is the 9th day in a row that I have been sick. It has seriously been ridiculous. I have had a cough, congestion, and sore throat for forever. Monday and Tuesday morning both I woke up with blood everywhere, my nose had been bleeding in the night but i didn't wake up so it got everywhere. Luckily this morning was linen exchange so I got to change the red sheets. I don't know what the bloody nose was from but it sufficeth me to say I was scared and confused. Don't worry though, this morning was blood free. I have come to the conclusion that medicine is pointless here, because your body isn't getting the rest it needs to recover. I take medicine everyday, but exert so much energy my body cant take it. Oh well, I'm not dead. Last Saturday we had our first "teaching appointment". It is when we teach a volunteer investigator a lesson. So our scenario was meeting someone in the park and setting up an appointment for later. We had to do that in Spanish and it was hard. My companion and I totally tanked in that part. It is one thing to practice Spanish in class, but then when you are with a real Spanish speaker and they say something back to you that you have no way of understanding, it stinks. So we just stood there and continued our practiced lines and it probably didn't make sense. Our volunteer didn't look happy to be there, she had signed up for the time slot before us and had somewhere to be but got stuck with us so she was frustrated, but when we actually taught the lesson in English it went much better. She said we were the best elders she had all day, and it was only our first week so we felt better about that. I have seen Jared Hardy almost everyday since he has been here. We have the same meal schedule so we talk a little here and there. Brett Anderson comes in today and there might be a chance he is in my zone. Our top district all left for the field this past week so a classroom opened up nextdoor for a new Spanish speaking district. Granted about half of all the classrooms are Spanish speaking so the chances are slim, but still there is a chance. We watched an old devotional on Monday morning by Elder Holland called Don't You Dare Go Home. It was awesome! He is just giving his talk, and then stops mid sentence and says he had an impression that someone in the room was thinking of going home, and told them dont they dare. haha if you can find it somehow, watch it because it is really good. Last nights devotional was really good too. It was Elder Clark, and Emeritus member of the Seventy. There were a lot of good things he said about a sucessful formula for missionary work. Keep sending letters please. It is great to hear from everyone. I feel like i have been here for six months...but alas only two weeks. It is almost too busy, but not. Everyone in the district waits for my letters to come because dad gives me sports updates. They want to know who the Jazz got in the NBA draft if you could figure that out for them. 6 of our 10 district members are from Utah so they are dying being here. It is kind of hard, because right outside of our window I can see BYU campus. I don't look out the window a lot, but other than that it really is a great experience here. Fifty seconds left, i will hand write more to add to the news.

Love you, Sean

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