Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Write Sean for FREE - no stamps needed

I know many of you know about DearElder.com, BUT for those who don't....

You can send letters to Sean online for FREE. No need for envelopes or stamps, and the best part is that, while he is in the MTC, if you send them before 12 noon Mountain time, he will get your letter that day! After 12 noon, he will get it the next day. It's a great service for the missionaries.

All you have to do is log onto: www.dearelder.com

Once you get on the website, select mission as "PROVO-MTC"
Then fill in the information requested:

mailbox # 193
mission code: ARG-BAW
estimated departure date: August 18

Now just type in your letter in the space provided and send it. That's all there is to it!!! I sure Sean would appreciate hearing from you, and it is so easy this way.

After August when Sean is in Argentina, you can still use dearelder.com but select his mission as Argentina Buenos Aires West, and guess what.... ITS STILL FREE!!! no postage required. Just takes longer to get to him, but WOW we can write him the whole time on dearelder.com and never have to pay postage or address an envelope, unless you want to send him a card, or cookies or something.....

Use DearElder.com !!!

Hurrah for Israel !!!

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