Friday, June 20, 2008

Missionary Training Center

Sean's ready to get into the MTC

Sean had a large suitcase, a garment bag and carry on bag, plus a backpack on his back. We looked around and saw a lot of Elders just bringing in two pieces of luggage. How did they get everything to fit? Maybe they didn't have to pack a sleeping bag like Sean had to. Yep, Sean's bed is a sleeping bag.

We were being directed to a spot for Sean to leave his luggage when this good looking Elder going to the Philipeans came up and gave Sean a big hug. It was Elder Kyle Anderson. That made Sean really excited to see him. Right after that he ran into Elder Sean Charleson who asked where his name tag was. "I just got here" said Sean.

Sean will be walking through those doors behind him into the MTC experience.

Mom gave Sean lots of hugs

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