Saturday, June 21, 2008

First Letter from MTC

We just got this letter in the mail today. Sean sounds real good. He wrote this letter at the end of his first day at the MTC:

Dear Mom, Dad and Lacey,

Wouldn't you know it? I can't find my stationary. Haha. I just finished my first day in the MTC. I was still with you 10 hours ago, but it really feels like 10 months ago. After we said goodbye I went through processing . While in line I meet an Elder Fannin going to Dominican Republic. He seemed like a nice enough guy. Turns out he is in my district, my district leader in fact. My companion, Elder Stokes, went to BYU too, he was in May Hall. Elder Sabey from my hall is in my room along with his companion Elder Maxwell. All of them are really easy going so I don't anticipate any problems. There are some characters on our floor though. I don't really know names yet. They expect us to do a lot in a small amount of time. I am also supposed to write a letter to my Branch President for tomorrow... what am I supposed to report? Haha. I was made senior companion , and to tell you the truth I wanted junior ! :) Because, now I have responsibilities but also no experience. Everyday we have 4-5 hours of Missionary Determined Time, and we are supposed to plan in 15 minute intervals.... How many different things can you do to study in one day? I think tomorrow I am going to check out the bookstore with Elder Stokes. I think about 20 other elders have come in and talked to us. They all want hugs or handshakes. They all offer help with anything, and they all say they love me. THEY DON'T KNOW ME! just kidding. Everyone says that the first few days are horrible, but if you make it to Sunday the next 8 weeks are golden. I didn't think today was that bad, while it was happening. It was after it stopped that I thought back and said, "What just happened"? There are 10 in our district. Six are going to my mission, the other 4 to Dominican Republic. Lights out in 3 minutes. Food's good. Cannon Center trays! I saw Elder Luke Christensen at dinner tonight. I will write more next Wednesday (P-Day). I love everyone.

Love, Sean

p.s. I forgot to say my Mission President will be here Sunday for training so we will meet him!

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Joseph said...

sounds great!! i know that while sean works hard, he will be blessed! all is well