Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ramos Mejia- Week #56

Learning to Walk

Hey Everyone,

So, this week was just crazy! With transfers and everything we had so much to do, hence, I am writing late. It all started last week when President and the Assistants started transfers. We went out and did some errands in the Capitol, and came back; to find President’s passenger side window in his car bashed out…it was sitting here at the church, and they heard a loud thumping from inside, then the alarm went off. When they went out, the thieves were gone, and so was President’s GPS system. So, we are taking more precautions here in the offices of locking all the gates and knowing where everyone is at all times. I guess they thought I was outside breaking down boxes or something. So that started probably one of the busiest weeks of my mission. All the transfers were made, and Elder Fox is the new AP. He is the elder I lived with in my first area for four transfers, or 6 months, and now we will most likely live together for another four transfers…or in other words I will have lived with him for a year of my life by the time this is over. We were talking and laughing about how I guess this means we have to be best friends, and be in the sealing room at each other’s weddings. I haven’t told him about Brett and Kyle yet, but I am easing into it, don’t worry, they still hold the #1 spot in my heart.

So the weekend before transfer meeting is always busy, and this go around we were actually down one man, because Elder Pollock went off with his parents on Friday. They were really nice, and I probably could have just sat and talked with them all day, but there was work to be done. Sister Pollock did mention though about how Dad is famous on missionary, or rather, how I am famous because of my dad, and how he linked everyone through to my blog…so that was funny. They all just left on the tour of Capitál with President and everyone going home, and she asked us if we were coming. We said no, and she said, “Oh, how sad!” haha it is sad…

So we got through the transfer meeting on Monday without a hitch, and it was great, only to fly into Tuesday, with all the new Elders, and one Sister, coming. Well, we get a call at about 8 or 9 in the morning from Sister Abbot, fresh from the MTC in Provo, telling us that Elder Seedall, also fresh from the good ol' USA lost his passport…and they aren’t letting him through Customs…I guess they didn’t fly directly to Argentina like we did when we came. They first went to Lima, Peru and had to get off and change planes in the middle of the night and then showed up here. So somewhere in that process he lost his passport. Long story short, they wouldn’t let anyone see him, and he was all alone not knowing how to communicate. I guess they got someone back there who “spoke English” to tell him he was officially being deported. So he is probably already back in the United States, in the MTC again or something…we haven’t heard anything since. So even though poor Elder Seedall didn’t make it, the rest did! They all looked dead tired when they got here. When we were getting them all into their taxis to go to their areas I was helping an elder that was kind of just standing in a haze.

“Where ya from, Elder Moore!?!”
“St. Louis.”
“Hey, I’ve been there! You are going to Castillo! That is where I started, but a different ward. You’re going to love it!”
“Are you nervous?”
“I´m terrified.”
“Yeah it is a little stressful when you start out, but don’t worry.”
“I guess I will play the piano to relieve my stress, back home Halo relieved my stress.”
“Oh my gosh, I love you…”

This little conversation was followed by a good 5 second awkward pause…then he kind of smiled and said, “oh…thanks…” hahaha it was way funnier in person. Anyway, they made it safely.

Yesterday we went down to Church HQ for South America South area, which is basically the United States inside, and talked with Elder Petersen, the area doctor, and he operated on me. For about 8 months I have had an ingrown toenail, but it hasn’t bothered me too much, just slight discomfort. I never wanted to go take care of it because I always had goals to reach and didn’t want to waste time, but the other elders betrayed me and told President and Sister Benton about it…and they suggested I go. Happy to say that all went well, and my ace bandage is snug around my toe. It wasn't in-grown, he said it was a "p***********************"...all I know is that it was a long word that started with a "P", or in other words, and infection that occurs on the nail wall. The needle to numb my toe was only a little bit shorter than a #2 pencil, and he stuck it in about 5 times. I have heard horror stories about it, and I went with Elder Shields when he was my companion, but it wasn’t even bad. He said I did really well, and should think about a career in medicine…something about having good composure around needles and excessive blood. We got a great video of the procedure, which probably climaxed when I asked, "Is there usually that much blood?" He, without hesitation, gave a stern, "No" and continued on with his work, hurriedly putting gauze into my open wound. So I have my soapy water and cheap argentine version of Neosporin to soak my toe in every morning and night, so I should be good to go. Now I just have to learn to walk again...just kidding.

I have seen Harry Potter stuff all over the place…trunky…and yeah mom I heard about that Harry Potter theme park before I left on the mission, I read everything I could find about it, and plan on going every year at least once for the rest of my life. Well, the work is picking back up, and we have a baptism with a 17 year old named Elias on the 1st of August. He is golden.

This week in my studies it has been really interesting. I kind of realized that my studies aren’t just for one hour…I am being taught all day. Speaking of learning to walk again, I am continuing to ascend the mountain of spirituality, if you will, and am finding out more and more it is a hard road, one I have never attempted to travel, but at the same time, I’m not alone in the climb so it looks promising. I look at it as a parent teaching a child how to walk. Heavenly Father is teaching me how to walk. I have always been a good crawler, and have been able to get pretty far crawling. A lot of good experiences, lessons learned, trials overcome, but it is time to move on to the next level…and I don’t quite know what to do, it is easier to just crawl, but He knows that I can do more walking. He has set me up on my feet and let go of me, and is standing right in front of me with His Arms open, but how do I get to Him. How do I walk? Haha, obviously the physical answer is obvious, but how do I do it spiritually. I have seen a lot of Argentine babies learning to walk, and they just kind of stand in the same place staring at their mother, not moving, but you can tell they are doing some intense thinking of how to get over to her. You can see it in their eyes. So I am learning how to walk, and then He will teach me to run, and eventually fly…on my Firebolt…buahaha ok inappropriate Harry Potter reference right there. Anyways, I have determined that for now, my answer is look to my Perfect Example, the Lord. He knows how to walk, and I have sacred records that tell me how He did it. Become Christ-like, and you will be up and walking in no time.

Speaking of studies, my gospel understanding and knowledge is just loving being in the offices, where I have access to unlimited conference talks and religious forums. I found this quote from Spencer W. Kimball.

“To be like Christ! What a lofty ideal! The Savior had a pleasing personality, He was kind, He was pleasant, He was understanding, He never went off on tangents, He was perfectly balanced. No eccentricities could be found in His life. Here was no ostentation and show, but He was real and humble and genuine. He made no play for popularity. He made no compromises to gain favor. He did the right thing always, regardless of how it might appeal to men. He drew all good people to Him as a magnet.”

I am not like that, but I want to be. I love you all. Talk to you next week!


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