Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ramos Mejia- Week #55

Harry Potter is a child of God..... fictionally speaking

Well Hello there,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!! Did you ever think we would make it this far? I am so sorry about this birthday letter fiasco, I thought it would get there in time, but it should be getting there soon. Also, don’t freak out Lacey, I am writing your birthday letter this week so it gets there in plenty of time…why are all the women in the family born in July…I think I counted like 7 from aunts and cousins and stuff…

Don´t worry, I have made it one more week without the pig flu, although I did go one night with an intense fever, but it was gone in the morning so I took the liberty of keeping that a secret! If someone would have known, they probably would have carried me off to the pig flu infested hospital and I would have contracted it. So we dodged a bullet. This week was kind of a downer as far as the work went. Germán totally disappeared…well, there is a longer story to it, but it is complicated. He is the boyfriend of Sandra, who was baptized a few weeks ago, and they got into a fight, and she won’t let him back in the house for now…but that is where we always teach him, so we have no idea how to get in contact with him, …so we have been advised by a few members to let it blow over and continue with them after peace has been made. So kind of a lame way to end the week, but there is still hope for Germán. I got a letter from Alex Greaves, and yes Alex I have seen a Harry Potter billboard, but it was far away, and all I could see was what looked like Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Dumbledore standing in a subway station or something…I asked special permission to go see it on p-day, but was denied…oh well 11 more months. Oh yeah I turn 13 months on Saturday.

Thursday I had an interview with President Benton. It was really good, but I kind of wanted it to go a different way, but it was good all the same. We talked for a while about the office work…which is fine, but in my once a transfer interview with him, the office work was the last thing I was interested in talking about. I like talking about more the things I can do to progress, what I can do to raise the level of spirituality, and life stuff, but still, I got a lot of great advice, and I just love that man. Also, we spent a good 3 minutes talking about Michael Jackson! Turns out President is a fan, and said that Michael was a genius. We talked about some of our favorite MJ classics. Go figure.

The sister I interviewed was baptized on Saturday. We went to the service, and it was really great for her. She bore her testimony at the end, which usually people are way too nervous to do, but it was like she had been a member for 30 years. Great lady. So in other news, there is a missionary couple that works with us here in the offices, The Smith Family, and they invited us to dinner last night, which was awesome! Sister Smith is like a caterer food science major person from BYU and she cooked us taco salad stuff, but used the meat they have at Café Rio…enough said. It was in honor of Elder Pollock, the assistant who is ending his mission next week. On the way home, we saw that Harry Potter poster and everyone started talking in outrageous accents, quoting lines from the books and movies. I dabbled…mostly just my bertie botts line that I always would say to Lacey, also threw in a few things about the chudley cannons, and wizard chess. It reminded me a lot of BYU, when Brett, Kyle, and I would play my Harry Potter xbox game and mimic the people talking…the best always being Brett’s imitations of Cho Chang…”harrow harry” haha makes me laugh just thinking about it. Elder Pollock was just going crazy, saying that he thinks my hair is red…false…he said that when the light hits it right it has a red tint…I have never seen any evidence to support that theory. He was screaming, “ whoa! You have red hair and your name is Ron!” “Close! I have brown hair and my name is Sean!” I did tell them though that my dad and sister are/were (sorry dad) red heads.

So on a more spiritual/missionary note, this week personally has been great. For a while now, I have felt like I have hit a plateau, but this week I started to see more progression. I have really gotten back to my studies, and have been learning a lot more. It is one thing to read scriptures everyday, which I have always done, and another thing to study the scriptures every day. I have been diving into my patriarchal blessing more and more, and applying scripture to it, kind of like making my own little D&C 139 with footnotes and cross references and stuff. I got the idea from Elder Woodmansee. Anyway, I have been studying a lot about Heavenly Father’s relationship with His children, in the sense of us being His children, like not prophets, or members of the church, but children. I wonder about the pre-mortal existence, to think about how well we knew Him, and now we can’t remember, and have to get to know Him all over again. What were we like with Him, individually? We trusted Him completely, or we wouldn’t have come to the earth, so why it is so hard for me to trust Him in this life? I think about how much He must expect of me, being one of the last He would send to build His kingdom, how much instruction He gives me in my blessing to fulfill those expectations. How valiant was I? I mean, I know we were all valiant for being sent in the last days, but was I one of the most valiant, or just above average? Not to put myself down, but I think about it and He answers me when I ask Him. I mean think about it, you don’t even know who you are! I don’t even know who I am! ISN’T THAT EXCITING! I could have been just above the average of faithfulness in the pre-mortal existence, but can now use my time on earth to prove I will be the most valiant, and then add in the factor that we are trying to jog the people’s memories we teach, that they actually DO know their Father, and they were most likely some of the most valiant! It is a continual cycle of love and progression. Side-note, it is most effective to study this topic while listening to the primary choir from two conferences ago sing the songs they sang.

Last piece of news, we have been informed that Elder Claudio D. Zivic of the Seventy is coming to tour our mission in two weeks, so we are on code red to get everything ready for him. President also told us that he has requested interviews with…the office elders… Some may say that would be a once in a lifetime experience, being interviewed by a General Authority, but it just scares me out of my mind.

Well, hope everyone is having a great summer, because we are freezing to death, and fighting off the forces of Satan…and pig flu.


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