Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Merlo- Week #48

Temple Trip!

Hey Fam,

So…my birthday was good. I took a bunch of videos so those will be heading your way soon. Only a few people in the ward knew, but then one of the youth told the Relief Society and they like bombarded me with handshakes and congratulations…it was kind of nice. I had to give a talk, and that went well. Then our lunch appointment had made me a cake, and the other elders did too. It is all on the video. President called me in the morning to wish me happy birthday. He asked, “So how is my young gunner doing on his birthday!?!” I said fine. “You, Elder, are burning up the tracks with that resfuerzo (greenie) of yours!” He then went on to talk more about my birthday. Tomorrow we have interviews with him. Ok before I forget, I don’t want to scare anyone, but I almost DIED this week, but I read in my handbook we shouldn’t write about dangerous experiences that we have, which I did not know before, so just remember May 25th 2009 in my journal, because it is a sweet story!

I just got back from the temple, and it was sweet. It was a really welcome time to relax and meditate. I did the whole thing in Spanish without help, so I consider that a big deal. We have been working like madmen this week. It was like freezing cold one day, and then blasted hot the next, we aren’t quite sure why…but whatever. I am really tired, but I guess I will leave you with a little bit of the studies I had this week. So I have realized that studying the doctrine over and over again gets to the point where you know it, but it starts to unfold in your mind more. For example, we are children of God. We are children of God. We are children of God. Spiritually speaking, we are of noble birth; we are the offspring of the King of Heaven. My family tree goes like this, The Almighty God – Sean Gilmore…it can be written on one single line! It suddenly clicked one day. Also, I heard a pretty sweet quote the other day from a former Apostle. “The most shocking thing for us when we pass through the veil will be how much we know our Heavenly Father, and how familiar His Face is to us.” Wooaaaaah….that is cool. Ok, I am tired and want to go eat some fruity pebbles. I love you all, and got a sweet letter from Brett yesterday, with a picture…which is always welcome.

Love, Sean

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