Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Merlo- Week #47

Hey Family and Friends,

First off, I broke the record for received packages for one day in the mission this week. In our District meeting I got seven...four from Mom, Dad, and Lacey, and three from Grandma Sherry, plus a card from Grandma Wilma and a letter from Natalie-thanks for the birthday wishes. In other news, I am leading my son to mission glory as we are tearing Merlo apart. We are number 11 in the whole mission right now. Also, tragedy has struck like a plague in our zone. This week 6 elders got Dear Johns...that is like a record. It is actually kind of funny, in a weird twisted sad kind of way. Including our zone leader Elder Mackay, who only has 4 months left of his mission. Also, we are in the internet cafè right now and the Nickelback song “I love you” is playing and he looks like he is about to stab someone right now...he is not a happy camper.

Other than that, not much else to say except that my presents were amazing! All the ties and food, and socks, and Cds and everything. The videos were SA-WEET!!!! Also, all the Elders in the pench were laughing watching the ones of our family, and one made a comment, “That probably would have been really awkward for me to watch, but living with you totally prepared me for it, and it was hilarious, I can tell you come from them.” I took that as a compliment. Yes, my friends, although I might be growing spiritually, my child-ish nature prevails every now and again...that’s what you call likening the scriptures to our lives. Except you become as a little child, no Celestial Kingdom for you. Or something like that. Anyway, I am not really focused right now, don’t have very many desires to write, catch ya on the flip side. Todo bien.

This week was one of trials, but promised blessings. The Lord continues to shine His Light upon us, and wrap us up in His arms of mercy. I love this mission I am serving. I love the Lord. I am not even sure what to write, so I guess I will leave you with my testimony. I want to make it to the Celestial Kingdom. I want to see Heavenly Father again. I shake to my core when I think that our brothers and sisters one day will have to stand in front of Him, and see Him, for the last time, for eternity. As childish as it sounds, I hope they get a hug before they have to leave His presence in the Final Judgment. I want to give every single person I see the chance to know how they can stay with Him and not have to feel that sorrow, that torment, when having to turn their back on their Holy Father, with tears in their eyes, and surely in His, when they leave His presence for eternity. How blessed we are to have this gospel in our lives! How blessed we are to know that because of an infinite love, we can live with our Heavenly Father forever! I don't want anything else. I want to obey His will. Some news from home kind of got me down, but I want to accept His will in all things, because I know in so doing I will make it back to Him one day. He will lead me. He will guide me. He loves me, more than any other person in the universe. I love Him. I honor Him. I worship Him. I am thankful for His Son, who came to the earth to give me the chance to live with them again. He is my Brother, my Master, and my King. Under His banner I march, until he releases me from this service. I can't imagine anything else I should be doing with my life right now. I know that God lives. I know it, and there isn't one thing in this earth that could convince me otherwise. I love Him.


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