Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Merlo- Week #43

Interviews and the Secretary to the President

Hey Fam,

Hey Dad I got that Easter card with fruit snacks in it, and it ruled. I want black pants, black socks...I am tired of trying to match the socks. Right now I am wearing a gray and a blue one...just because I couldn’t find the matches. Well, I am writing so late because we had our zone activity this morning, where we played soccer and ping pong...it was pretty fun, but now I am way tired. I could walk in the streets for days and days without getting tired, but ask me to run for about 10 minutes and I almost died. Big news of this week was that Interviews with President were yesterday. Like always they were sweet.

We also found something out that made my world rock. I almost became Secretary to the President...but didn’t. Elder Wright, the current secretary, is really good friends with Elder Steele, who lives in my pench with me, and E’ Wright was talking with Steele, and told him that President was in the process of choosing a new secretary to go work with him in Ramos Mejia where the offices are. He said that President had narrowed it down to two people, Elder Sabey (my old MTC/BYU buddy, and one of my best friends in the mission) and Elder Gilmore! That would have been kind of cool, but at the same time...Elder Sabey is going to be in the offices for 7 months...thats a long time, and a long time of not getting to do what missionaries do. He will be leaving in November...that is forever away. It was kind of scary though...President is looking at me...but as for now, I am going to be rocking it in Merlo.

So my interview went really well. President was giving me some sweet counsel, as always. He always gives great counsel for life, not just the mission. I brought a new study plan to him that I am going to start, and he said, “That is one of the best study plans I have heard, I like it because it is really simple, but gives you room to have an effective and profound study.” Still on my quest to become a Master Teacher like he told me to become a few interviews ago, but to be a master teacher, I first have to be a master student. He said that I have done wonderfully with Elder Arriola, and said, “He hasn’t had better numbers in his whole mission. You are really helping him grow.” Then he added, “but you can do more...when he leaves, the Lord is looking to you to take the area to the next level.” What the heck, way to put the pressure on me, President! He kept saying stuff but not finishing his sentences, and it was driving me nuts. Finally he says, “Yeah, you are a great solid Elder...I think you are going to be able to help...with a little something...hmmsms mumble mumble...” I said, “What?” and he just looked up at me, smiled and started laughing...now looking back on that it is funny, but I was kind of nervous in that room. He has such a funny laugh, it is like Captain Barbosa from Pirates of the Caribbean. No joke....haha he is awesome. Then he talked with me about Mikaela, and said that it was ok to baptize her. This is where the sweet counsel came in. He said, “Elder, if you are going to err, err on the side of mercy, always. If we aren’t sure if they need baptism, baptize them anyway for the doubt. We should never deny someone possible blessings. If Mikaela doesn’t need baptism, the Lord will figure it out.” He then talked about how it very well could be a covenant for her, because a sin is knowing something is wrong and doing it anyway, no matter what the level. So if she disobeys her mother, knowingly, she needs baptism. It was some pretty profound stuff. So last he talked about transfers next week. He said that he always go into transfers thinking he has a good idea of what the changes are going to be...but then the Lord has something completely different in mind, so he actually is in the dark until Thursday when he starts making the changes, and then we all find out on Monday at the Transfer Meeting. Elder Steele is going home, so Elder Mackay will be getting a new comp, and Elder Arriola is out of here too. There are only 4 greenies coming next week, 3 Latins, 1 North American.

Also, I have a girlfriend in Argentina now. She has blonde hair and blue eyes(pure Argentine) and her name is Morena. We dance together a lot. She always asks me for money. It is a pretty sweet relationship. Also, Morena is three years old. Elder Arriola asked her if she had a boyfriend and she pointed at me and said, “That”...yep, it is love.

Well, until next week. I send my love.


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