Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Merlo- Week #42

Why do I only have baptisms on Holidays?

Happy Easter Family and Friends!

Also, not that I am counting, but this week I turn 10 months in the mission...big deal, I know. I got the Easter package, thanks for all the stuff, it was great, also, can peanut butter go bad? Because all of those tubes you are sending dad, have an expiration date of the 30th of January...but I don’t think it can go bad...its peanut butter...also, I got an Easter card from Grandma Wilma, and a letter from Joseph...also St. Catherine protected the letter and it made it safely...glad to hear Brett got a baptism!!!! YEAH!!!

Speaking of baptisms, Eduardo’s baptism went off without a hitch. It was great, all his family came, and let’s just say, that most of his family is inactive, but his mom is one out of 15 children, who now all have their own families, and they all showed up...they may not be loyal to the church, but at least they won’t give up on family. He was such a stud, the water was freezing cold, because the hot water broke in the church, and when he came up out of the water he couldn’t breathe...but that made him start laughing, so it was kind of a mixture of both, and it was pretty funny. He looked so cool in his shirt and tie afterwards. He rocks! I love him! I am trying to attach photos, but it is taking forever, and I haven’t been keeping track of the time, so I just looked down, and realized that I only have 9 minutes left. Guess I will give up on the photos.

Also, I will be calling in about a month again, crazy, that went by pretty quick! So in other news, we have two more baptisms planned for the 25th in two more weeks, Antonia, and her daughter Mikaela. Antonia has been coming for about 4 weeks now, and loved general conference, even though she thought that President Monson was Nephi...that was pretty funny...close...but not quite. We found her my first week here in Merlo, and she wasn’t progressing very well, but now is eating the gospel up, and loving every meeting she can get to. She talked with the Bishop last Sunday about her daughter Mikaela, who has Down’s syndrome. So obviously, we know that baptism isn’t necessary for her, but Antonia wanted her to be baptized with her anyway, so she can be a member of the church. The Bishop explained to her that it wasn't necessary, but that Mikaela could be baptized anyway, but it wouldn’t be considered as her making a covenant. I assumed he checked his handbook, because I don’t know the rule about that ...and baptizing people without sin...Mormon is pretty clear about that in his letter to Moroni...but as of now we are going to baptize her. Anyway, the syndrome is mild, and Mikaela goes to school and talks with us, and just last night, she came out and wished us a Happy Easter, and gave us kisses on the cheek...she is going to the Celestial Kingdom with or without baptism. If she is baptized she will automatically be my favorite convert.

Speaking of converts...I saw Ciris’ mom and brother Luis on Saturday! They were walking through my area and saw me...and started screaming my name, which made me feel good that they remember me...so we got to talk for a few minutes. They told me all about their goals to enter the temple, and they are excited for me to be there with them...that basically made my life! Ciris Sr. is crazy strong in the church now, which is insane, because he was totally unsupportive of Ciris Jr. And didn’t even show up to his baptism. I love them too! I love everyone! Ok I ran out of time...I love you all....what the world needs now is love sweet love


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