Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Rafael Castillo- Week #12 cont.

After we received Sean's initial email today, he sent us another quick note to tell us something he forgot to write about regarding the President of Argentina....

I forgot to tell you that the President of Argentina was here this week, on our street in front of our apartment! It was crazy! We weren't allowed to leave because it was just a mob of people, Elder Fox and Elder Marchello got a video of her, but I was out on the other side of town and wasn't allowed to come back near the apartment so I didn't see her, but it was big news, also she has no last name...she is just...Cristina...I don't know much else about her though, but that was kind of interesting and fun.

love ya bye

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Andy, Lori and the Gang said...

Mike, where do you get Joseph's e-mails? I need to make sure the boys are getting them. Thanks--Lori