Saturday, September 13, 2008

Letter from first day in Argentina

Sister Benton, Elder Gilmore, and President Benton

We received this photo of Sean taken with the Mission President and his Wife, the day he arrived in Buenos Aires. Sean also wrote us a handwritten letter on his first day. Both the photo and the letter arrived yesterday.

Here is the letter, a little out of sequence from the emails, but exciting still the same....

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

Dear Family,

I made it! I am loving it! We got off the plane and made it through customs. It all kind of hit me that I am in a foreign country. I have been laughing under my breath all day because of all the different things here. There are little soccer fields everywhere. We got to go to the temple and take pictures so that was neat. This place is so cool!!!!! There are dogs everywhere running the streets. The mission home is way nice, and we got to eat an amazing meal. Then we had interviews. President and Sister Benton are great! When we got off the plane he gave me a hug and said all in Spanish, "Who are you? Elder Gilmore? You look much different than your picture! Wow, you are good lookin'!"(muy guapo). Then later he passed by and just smiled and said, "You look great, Elder!" I was getting a kick out of it. We get our companions tonight, and head to our new areas at 7:00 tonight. No one is in General Villegas, the farthest area from the mission home. President Benton said our new areas were basically determined two days ago when he and the Assistants were praying about transfers. I am nervous and excited all at the same time. We just get to send off this quick note, but I will be able to tell more later. Sorry this was short.

Love, Sean

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