Monday, January 4, 2010

Villegas- Week #80

dun dun dun

Hey there,

Well this week has been absolutely crazy! The training with Elder Page is coming to an end, and the final preparations have been made for transfer meeting. I am sure that I won’t finish this letter before the meeting starts, but I am going to be soooo busy today I figured I better write while I can. So this week was interesting with transfers being made by President. Yes, you heard right Dad; Elder Fox is leaving his last transfer to open up a new area training. He is pretty excited. My new area is…..drumroll….VILLEGAS!!! yes!!! It is in the Aldo Bonzi Stake and is unarguably the best area in the mission. It is definitely the poorest in the mission, so it is the complete opposite from Ramos Mejia. Not to mention almost everyone I know in the mission has been there except for me. Elder Fox, Mackay, Sabey, Harper, and Woodmansee all served there and they all loved it. I have always kind of looked at it as an exclusive club I was never a part of…until now! I will be District Leader, and I am pretty excited about that, too. My new companion is Elder Coty Lee Thomas from Washington. He is a baller! He baptizes like a champion. He only has been in the mission four transfers and has 24 baptisms…that is averaging one baptism a week…so he is still working on his language, but I think he is doing better than he thinks. I am really excited about my district. We have the best missionaries. It is just a bunch of young gunners…and then me… So Elder Thomas and I will be working in Villegas, and then Elder Godoy from Chile, who has about 10 months in the mission, will be training a new missionary in Ciudad Evita 2, and Sister Godfrey from Pennsylvania, and Sister López from Missouri/Spain, who both have less than six months. So everyone is really young in the mission, which is perfect because it is the perfect time to really get lost in the work. I am excited. I had my interview with President this past week, too, and I asked what I should do to help the district, because if we think about this…I have never been district leader. He gave me a bunch of great advice and I walked out of it really excited to start working again. So there you go, the secret is out.

We just finished transfer meeting and everything went off without a hitch. My last time doing it…I had a little moment. So I still need to go pack everything up. There isn’t really anything else to say. This is probably the shortest letter I have ever written home…so sorry about that, but it is time to put the blinders on and get focused in the mission. Six months left!!!!! Here goes nothing!!!!!

Elder Gilmore


Karen Jensen - Stacey's Mom said...

Wow, just 6 short months to go and you can tell he is going to tear it up and finish strong! What a faithful, hard working and committed son you have raised.
Well done!!!

Happy Gilmores said...

Thanks Karen. So how is having your missionary home? How long did it take her to get use to civilian life? I bet it was good having her home for the holidays this year. Happy 2010!

Karen Jensen - Stacey's Mom said...

She adjusted remarkably well and within a week Dave and I were saying it was almost like she had never been gone! Christmas was great with all of our kids and grandson back home--it was amazing, and then this past Saturday she moved back down to Provo with Hermana Greenland and Gurr. They are going to school and she is experiencing the oh so frustrating job search. Have a wonderful 2010 as well and take luck!:)