Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Add-On - Week #52 cont.

I forgot that I wanted to say something else about that zone conference at the end of the email. President is really focusing on Patriarchal Blessings, and shared some of his with us, which was interesting. Patriarchal Blessings are probably the most interesting thing to me in the gospel. He told us that his doesn't say anything about serving a mission, but in Sister Benton's it says she will be a great support to him in the missions he will serve. Then he cracked a little joke, "Missions! Not mission...missions! plural! Well...alright, if this one doesn't kill me." Then he let out his Captain Barbosa laugh from Pirates of the Carrrrrrribbbbbbean. Haha I forgot how to spell Carrribbbean so I figure you can't go wrong adding lots of r's and b's...no spelling correction needed Dad. Haha, anyway, I just love Argentina, as unexpectedly hard as this mission is, I find that there are more and more things about this place that I fall in love with, and yesterday I made the personal goal to bring my future family, that is yet to be created, to Argentina so they can experience all the little things. Good stuff.

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