Saturday, August 9, 2008

MTC Week 7- cont.

We received Sean's letter in the mail today, dated 8/6/08:

Mama... just killed a man (Queen- Bohemian Rhapsody)
Papa... can you hear me? (Barbara Streisand- Yentel)

!Hola mi familia! ?Como estan sus vidas? No tengo mucho tiempo, pero escribo para que ustedes sepan mas sobre mis experiencias.

(translation: Hi my family! How are your lives? I don't have much time, but I'm writing so you know more about my experiences.)

Whatever that is wroth. First, the Titanic lyrics I wrote. This could be totally wrong because I didn't have Hermano Conde check them.

"Proximo, lejo, dondequiera esta
Esta seguro en mi corazon,
y mi corazon ire a y a"

More or less. You have to say a couple syllables for one note sometimes. I had a good time with it anyways. Dad, if it is totally wrong and doesn't make sense, just forget I wrote it and don't put it in the blog. I'm glad to hear Uncle John is having a success with Auntie Anne. I can just imagine him, and Grandpa for that matter, saying "no... no thank you" hahaha, it puts a smile on my face. We have sung "Have I done any good?" in Spanish a few times. It is kind of cool. I mostly like singing the Christmas songs, which our District does on a regular basis. No reason.

Ok, so I have to tell you a funny story. Here in the MTC we really don't get a lot of drama, so we make up our own. Our two MTC soap operas are really heating up. Ok so the first one involves an Elder that Elder Sabey and I have been watching for a few weeks. He is tall, dark, handsome, Spanish-speaking, and has a certain confident swagger that most Elders would give up gym time for. What could this Elder's name be? No, it isn't Elder Gilmore... but thank you for the compliment. It is Elder Finch.... um... are you kidding me? Elder Sabey and I were all over that, and now both of us aspire to be, as we now respectfully call him, Atticus. Let's just say somehow we always spot Atticus in a crowd. It is actually starting to get a little creepy. So basically the soap opera is whatever we happen to see him doing.

Number two involves two sister missionaries, which Elder Sabey and I have labeled "The Sirens", which, for those who don't know, is a reference to Homer's, The Odyssey. Ok, background: On Odysseus' way home from Troy he hit a few snags along the way to say the least. One of these potential snags was when he and his crew sailed by the island on which the Sirens dwelt. The Sirens were female creatures with voices so beautiful any man who heard them fell under their spell, more or less, so Odysseus tied himself to the mast so he wouldn't be tempted to jump overboard when he head the Sirens.

Ok... so these Sisters have gotten the reputation of flirting with Elders SHAMELESSLY ! This is not an exaggeration. They will approach a poor unsuspecting Elder and lull him into a false sense of security with small talk, and then take it a little further, for example, "Wow Elder, I really like your tie!" in the most fake voice that has fallen on human ears, and then they grab the tie and look at it, and turn it over to see who made it, things like this. In "the real world" this might not be a big deal, but in the MTC it is border-line ex-communication.... ok that is a lie... anyways, THEN they strike.... "Oh by the way, can you drop off my letter at the mailbox?" or "I'm thirsty, can you get me some milk?" The poor Elder is powerless to stop it. He is under their spell.

Anyways, I tell you that to tell you this... two days ago (Monday) both worlds collided! We were in the bookstore and we saw Atticus... and then the Sirens attacked !!!! We were captivated at what took place. Who was going to come out victor? Who? The HERO of To Kill a Mockingbird, symbolizing racial tolerance, moral compass, man of the people, and ALL THINGS GOOD, or the ancient mythological forces of feminine charm? It was juicy. So the Sirens work their magic and ask Elder Finch where a few things are in the store. He responds politely to the best of his ability. He is browsing around the whole time, so his attention was elsewhere. They asked about something else and he told them, and they left, but then came back and said they couldn't find it. He then said, "maybe you should ask a worker..." Atticus 1, Sirens 0. So about three minutes went by and I guess they found it and they come back over to him and say that it costs more than expected and could he help pay for it... How ridiculous is that! Things cost like $2 in the bookstore. The Sirens just got ridiculous. Anyway, Elder Finch just keeps browsing on the shelf and says, "No, I have to buy some deodorant." and walks away. Atticus 2, Sirens 0 ! It was a lot funnier in person... looking back on what I just wrote sounds retarded....

Well Mom, I think you have the right idea about putting Grandma in the Lord's hands, and your Big 3 sounds like a good goal to have. The best way to remember and reflect on your blessings is to keep a journal. I know it is hard at first, but I'm sure your grandchildren would be very interested to read it. Plus, if you write about blessing you see, it not only helps them know you better, but they are spiritually edified. Plus, I would like it down the road.

Dad, that is awesome you already started an Argentina fund. I really want to travel for about a week after my mission. I don't think Called to Serve is a Primary song... you are thinking of I Hope They Call Me on a Mission. Also, media referrals like Carolyn are only in the States so I won't have any experiences like that. I don't know all the rules about calling home at the airport. I can call you for sure, but SLC will probably be at 5 or 6 in the morning, but I will let you know when I get travel plans. Also, I want to keep those videos I sent home so hopefully you figure something out, maybe try with Lacey's camera. I got the thermals and umbrella. Sorry I forgot to say which laundry bag in the e-mail. Either one is fine though. Whatever is cheapest. I just want straps.

Yes Mom, I remember what my patriarchal blessing says about eternal associations. I noticed that too. I read my blessing once every night before I go to sleep. I quote it a lot in my journal. I have been reading a lot in the beginning when it mentions reflecting on my childhood. It applies so well as a missionary because we talk a lot about being prepared here, and I feel like my childhood was the best preparation I could have had.

Anyway, this week starts week 8! That is crazy. I feel like I have been at summer camp... on spiritual steroids. 22 months left.

Love, Sean

p.s. Remember, as glad as I am you have an Argentina fund, I don't want you to forget about Sean's car fund :)

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